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What is healing a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water


Every house has sodium bicarbonate. Housewives are used for ecological cleaning at home, while preparing meals, while everyone is consumed as a medicine, it is recommended to enter in the morning, as soon as you get up, drink a mixture consisting of 1 teaspoon of baking soda sprinkled in fresh water. Here's what healing is a powerful combination:

Natural antacids

The antacid properties of this natural ingredient may be the main reason for its great popularity. Water and baking soda neutralize gastric acid, helping to deal with reflux or heartburn. Soda dispersed in water reduces inflammation and gas formation, which quickly releases the condition, for example in the case of digestive disorders.

Alkalize the body

Our foods are mainly acid products. The acidic environment in the body contributes to the development of various diseases. Body acidity carries a high risk of osteoporosis, arthritis and even cancer. The ideal soda to neutralize the acid in the body has an alkalization effect.

To not overdo the alkalization of the body, drink the bicarbonate in minimum quantities or 1 teaspoon of dishes in a glass of water, but only for a week of continuous consumption.


This drink can be used to fight various viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Sodium bicarbonate cures sore throat, inflammation of the lips of the cavity. The procedure is simple: wash your throat with baking soda scattered in a glass of water.

Urinary tract lenses

A teaspoon of baking soda sprinkled in a glass of water can prevent and cure urinary tract infections, all thanks to the ability to reduce the acidity in the urine.

In this case, the treatment is done as baking soda with baking powder, sesame seeds and cranberry juice.

Fighting Gout and Disease

High levels of uric acid and urinary blood in tissues in the body can cause various chronic diseases, such as gout or arthritis.

Water with sodium bicarbonate creates blood balance, reducing uric acid and thus effectively aids against these diseases.

Increases physical endurance

Lactic acid released in our body during exercise can accumulate in the muscles and joints, leading to feelings of fatigue. If you want to increase your physical stamina, drink sodium bicarbonate every morning. This will give you the energy you need, and it will be helpful to relax your muscles.

Sodium bicarbonate regulates cholesterol levels

Water with baking soda has the power to clean the blood from bad cholesterol. However, people suffering from high blood pressure should not drink bicarbonate because of a high level of sodium.

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