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A brief arrest warrant for an electronic cyclist who rode into a jogger, causing brain damage, Singapore News


Singapore – A boy who caused brain damage to a bicycle after riding on a bicycle with the aid of his own force (PAB) was sentenced to a brief arrest warrant on Tuesday (16 April).

Joven Heng Gin How, now 20 and a full-time soldier, was riding for the first time and arrived at a speed of about 40kmh on the lane near Marina Bay Sands.

According to the order, offenders are put behind bars for a short time, but will not have a criminal record after their release.

Heng also received a community service order requiring him to perform 140 hours of community service within a year.

He pleaded guilty last month to injure Mr. Coke and Son, 37, by riding the PAB in a rash manner on June 9, 2018. One count of cycling on a trail illegally considered at the time of sentencing.

Deputy Attorney General Kenneth Chen said: "The defendant showed a high level of guilt by riding the PAB in a place that can not be mounted – along a high-speed trail in the wee hours of the morning, where public vehicles are not expected to use this space , Causing harm to the victim by colliding with him. "

The court heard that Heng had met a friend earlier that day who wanted to sell the bicycle. Heng asked if he could take him for a ride and the friend agreed.

The DPP told District Judge Eddie Thing if Heng said he was doing about 40 mph when he spotted two runners ahead of him.

He managed to get around the first lead safely, trying to get around Mr. Crosstown when the man swerved to the right.

"The defendants tried to stop but could not stop in time. The defendant's PAB slipped off the brakes and hit the victim from the back, hit his legs and both of them fell to the ground."

Heng, who suffered from scraping on his legs and right knee, went to help Mr. Cho and left his phone number with one of his friends and friends.

Heng left before the police and paramedics arrived.

Mr. Chao was taken to the hospital where he was finished overnight for observation. After three months he consulted not to participate in physical activity, the court heard.

Heng, who was not represented, asked for forgiveness and said that he had offered his aid to Mr. Choi that morning.

Before the verdict on Tuesday, the judge said whether crimes such as those carried out by Heng should be deterred by the harm that could be caused.

For causing damage by performing a rash action, he could have imprisoned for up to a year and a fine of up to $ 5,000.

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