Thursday , May 19 2022

Britain's Idris Alba named people the most sexy man in life, entertainment news


Los Angeles – actor Idris Alba, who fans of the Los Angeles- James Bond campaign to be the next person to play 007, was the name of the sexiest man alive on Monday by People magazine.

The London-born actor, 46, said he did not believe it when the magazine told him.

"I was like," Come on, no, really? "Said Alba to celebrity advertising." I looked in the mirror, checked myself, I was like, "Yeah, you're pretty sexy today." But in truth, it was just a nice feeling, it was a pleasant surprise – improving the ego. "

One of Britain's most prominent stars, Alba won the Golden Globe for his lead role in the British television series Luther, played the Nordic god in The Wire and appeared in the American television series The Wire.

Other actors and singers who have received the title by magazine editors in recent years include Blake Shelton, Chris Hemsworth, Adam Levine, Clooney and Cheng Tatum.

Only two non-white men – an African-American star Denzel Washington in 1996 and Dwayne Rock of Johnson, whose mother Samoey and her father Black Canadian, in 2016 – have won the title since people started the show in 1985.

Fans of the campaign Alba, the son of African immigrants to Britain, will take control of Daniel Craig as secret agent in the Bond movie franchise after Bond's next film, released in 2020.

Alba in August raised the rumors that he was to become the first black player to play Bond when he published a casual message on Twitter using one of the most famous lines of the character – "My name is Alba, Idris Alba." A few days later he vehemently denied that it was going to happen.

Alba appears on a double cover of "people" that arrives at newsstands on Friday.


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