Saturday , October 23 2021

Classic PC is a DOS retro console of our dreams


The appetite for retro games continues to be fierce, but it is unlikely even the most avid old school gamer saw it coming. While we can now enjoy the original games from the PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega consoles, some are expected to Mini PC Box running on DOS.

The classic PC from Unit-E comes from a typical boring BOX box (by design, of course) fitting in the 90's era of computer games. It offers support for joystick, a pair of USB ports, unlike some consoles, support for games on SD cards.

The video shows games like the original Doom, the Commander of Cain 4 and the Jane's. Jungle to be played, but these titles are now without a license. The company says all the games on offer will be officially licensed, but does not endorse anything now.

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"We do not have a list of happy titles yet, but the goal is to provide all the games that defined the PC gaming experience in the '80s and' 90s," the company says.

You can see the prototype in the video below:

The current prototype offered HDMI and composite video outs, while there is also Bluetooth support. Unit-E, which makes arcade games by trade, will soon start a mass campaign. She plans to charge £ 99 (about £ 75) for the device, which she plans to ship next spring.

The big hope for this device appears to be the possibility to add games using an extended storage device, such as an SD card. Retro consoles like the classic PlayStation and classic NES mini drag down by a rigid selection of titles than can not be expanded on without cracking the console and adding romantic pirates.

Can the Classic PC break cycle and offer access to all authorized games?

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