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Finally a joke means galaxy guards 3


Revenge: Endgame May mark the end of the road for some members of the MCU but for others it is just the beginning. Not only do we meet to meet many new super heroes taken directly from Marvel's comic pages – Mysterio was the first in line – but the events of the final battle have caused a great lesson for some existing squads.

One of these groups is the Guardian of the Galaxy, which we know receives in the third stage of the film the movie "James Gunn."

The Guardians of the Galaxy


One major change is any deal with Gamora. The Russo brothers found a way to recreate Thanos's daughter alongside all the others who were dusty Endless War The duo but only the 2014 version of the character, who still develop a relationship with Peter Qwill and the gang.

Unnamed: Then you have a major, which, according to the events of End of the game, looks like The brilliant new member of the cosmic crusaders.

The rude thunder god deserved a new beginning, having been passed through the ring of the latest films. He not only blamed himself for the destruction Endless War But the boy had lost his father, his mother, a sister he never knew he had and Number of friends – no wonder that he retreated to a life of beer, games and comfort to eat.

Fortunately we saw him come back inside End of the game, Where he handed New Asgard to Queen and Alkiri and joined the "Guardians" on a journey back to the stars.

The Avengers: Endgame, Thor, Chris Hemsworth

Marvel Studios

We know this to be the case, as it is further confirmed in Spider-Man: Far from home When Nick Fury says Peter Parker that the Voor is "out of the planet". But where would it fit the guard line of events?

Core has never been a member of the comics team, but there is one line End of the game It can point to the place where writers have attracted this point, when he calls them joking 'the galaxy' s scraps.

It could be just a spill to throw to pee paper, but in books the galaxies of the galaxy are the existing hero team with their own series there.

Asgardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics Heroes

Marvel Comics

Given the group has some characters that we still see on the big screen as well as others whose arches are in their infancy, it is unlikely they will be their debut in Guardian 3. But does the plot of comics come into play?

Before going into it, here is the Depression on this line of asgardic insights that Thor has or may not have intended to fall. First of all, you have a Scragg Hangman, where you probably recognize from Thor: Ragnarok.

Just like the comic, "the server of Carl Urban" between the enemy and the alliance before the death meeting. In the end, it would not make sense to bring him back from the grave, so the chances of seeing him join the super cosmic team are slim to anyone.

Carl Urban Scurgeon hangman Ragnarok m16s


Another friend you recognize from the movies is Destroyer, a magical suit of amour which can be very very very dangerous or very, very useful, depending on who controls it.

B The galaxy's agradians, A younger version of Loki named Kid Loki (of course) pulls the strings, but this is the adult version of the main trixter who takes over the movies in an attempt to defeat his brother – and we all know how it turns out.

One character who still did not enjoy the MCU's pre-eminence, she is a frog, a human-made frog, which is actually a return to the life of the T-shirt – he even got his mini-moliner called Progoliner.

Frog Frog

Marvel Comics

You might laugh at the thought of such an absurd figure making its way to the screen, but do not forget that once you would probably laugh at the thought of a raccoon stretched on a weapon, like one of Hollywood's most popular superhero characters. And yet, here we are.

Other people of the OG Asgardians team include Valkyrie – but with a busy look at New Asgard, it is unlikely she will join the Guardians soon.

Another candidate who probably will not get to the three is Kevin Masterson, the boy who took his father's founder to be the hero of hell. One day, perhaps, but meanwhile his story was not touched by Marvel Studios.

The circle of the group is the head of the gang of the entire gang, Ang, the half sister of Tor and Luki. A former bookkeeper society, it continues to recruit these unexpected super-creatures into a series of intergalactic missions.

As stated, if one or more of these cape wearies decide to show their face inwards Guardian 3, The writers will have to veer significantly from comics: one thing, their enemy is a nebula, a figure which End of the game There is a hero.

It would not make sense for Ann to take this point and plot to repeat it – he has had enough on his plate right now that ' Ware joined the Gamora team of not really Gamora.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Finished, Drax, Star-Lord

Marvel Studios

That does not mean that they do not seem to unite in the future. One aspect of the narrative that can be reworked to fit with threequel is the fact that the creation of the group follows the decomposition of the guardians.

With the fallout of the Infinity Saga, there is a whole new dynamics to consider – are they surviving an ever-approaching threat of the universe, including Aisha's secret weapon, the Warlock Man? If not, the decimation can at least pave the way for a new team to take the reins.

What else, now that we know far away from home Is to display the multiverse (well, perhaps), anything possible in this world expands.

Spider-Man: Far from home Will go to the movies on July 5.

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