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Govt raises visits to the ministers, whose goal is to cover all districts until mid-2020


On Sunday (November 18), Education Minister Ong Kung announced that ministers would increase the frequency of their community visits, from one week to the next.

The government aims to cover all districts by mid-2020.

Commenting on the sidelines of Housing and Housing Forum, Ong said: "Given the current momentum, we do almost every week now, within a year to a year and a half, we strive to complete all districts.

"The thought is that – as PUH people – we spend a lot of time in our communities, but as younger ministers and officials, we actually need to get out of our public and meet people outside of our provinces.

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"Only then can we better understand how the rest of Singaporeans feel."

Singapore, a professor of law at Yogian Tan University, said the increase in visits was "not surprising" and showed that the Popular Action Party (PAP) is shifting to an election.

He sees the visits as a way of leaders of the fourth generation of increasing involvement with the residents.

During the PAP Central Committee elections last Sunday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that PAP had only two years to prepare for the next general elections (GE) and suggested that it could be brought forward.

Commenting on the criticism that these community visits can be "to show," Ong said skepticism is an inseparable part of politics and "can not help."

"Just keep walking, keep talking to the residents, keep giving your residents feedback," he said. "Try to work on it, solve the problems, continue to do it, regardless of the criticism."

He also said the visits have gradually become more formal and organic, instead of being staged and planned.

"Sometimes the residents have a shock," how do three of you get here? But that's how I think you have a much more authentic interaction, it's much more natural and what you hear is probably a more accurate reflection of how the soil works. "

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In 2016 Mr. Ong was appointed chairman of the People's Advisory Council for community visits and also proposed a new format in which ministers POHs would work in teams across districts.

The residents with whom the news channel spoke had mixed reactions.

Some welcomed the move and saw the increased interaction beneficial to residents.

Salwang, a 30-year-old resident of Calvin Lee, said: "Most importantly, we will have more one-to-one meetings with the ministers, and we can give feedback on how they can improve our area."

"At least they can represent us to make decisions in future developments, by interacting with the residents, from the horses' mouth, they will know what is going on," said 47-year-old Vaughn, 47.

But others questioned the effectiveness of weekly visits and whether they could solve their problems.

Sambawang resident Xavier Angel, 30, said: "Perhaps some of the smaller problems can be resolved, but what is the point of additional visits if major problems like transport connectivity will not be resolved."

Chen Bang, 32, Li Zhenlin, agreed: "Increased visits may not be particularly effective in such a short period, it will probably take at least two years to see the results."

He added: "On the ground, it shows that you are listening to us, but to see changes, it will not be so fast."

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