Tuesday , March 2 2021

HealthifyMe announces new launches and new expansion programs

: Health and Fitness App HealthifyMe has announced its plans covering the product, technology and global expansion that said will run "anchors" on the company's growth in the coming years.

The company has announced the expansion of its platform with the launch of its online food market, "EatBetter".

At the company's annual event "lit" here on Friday, he said he plans to expand into international markets, including increasing the footprint in Southeast Asia.

The company has already launched its services in Malaysia, a version of HealthifyMe, adding that Singapore, Indonesia and the Middle East are scheduled to be launched in the next two quarters.

HealthifyMe has built a library of over 900 Southeast Asian local foods with precise protein, fiber, carbohydrates and calorie minerals, he said.

The release said HealthifyMe hired a team of local nutritionists and nutritionists who would develop a customized diet and fitness programs for Southeast Asian users.

Earlier this year, the company launched its health consulting services to the Indian Diaspora living worldwide and North American geographers.

Tushar Vashisht, Founder and CEO, HealthifyMe said over 8 million users from all 200 plus cities enter their food intake on the company's application.

He also said that the company has built its application in line with international standards of quality and excellence.

"More than 10 percent of our 8 million users, 10 percent of our coaches and 20 percent of our revenues have been coming from international geography," he said.

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