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Kim Yong Hyun ponders his previous roles and co-stars + shares how he first started playing

Kim Yong Hyun pondered his playing career so far in an interview with Esquire.

In an interview, the reporter asked which joint stars left the biggest impression on him. Kim Yong Hyun replied, “Shin Hi Sun, my partner to ‘Mr. Queen,’ was really good, and I was really grateful to her. In terms of impressions, I would choose Kim Tae Woo. He was not on camera in the scene, he would fill his position, speak his lines and match his feelings to his partner stars. I respected him and learned a lot from him. It seems like an obvious thing, but decades have passed since he first started playing, and yet he has so much respect To his junior colleagues. I understood from him that this is what it means to be a ‘senior player’. “

The interviewer noted that he received a lot of love from projects like “Welcome to Wiki”, “Crash lands on you” and “Mr. Malka.” Asked if he feels confident in doing comedy and rom-com genres, the actor said, “I don’t really think genres are that important. Even if a scene is meant to make people funny, I feel there is something precise that needs to be expressed to make it comic. Anger , Sadness, joy … I think the actor needs to act accurately and clearly so that the scene can be interpreted by the viewers as comic.I can not act funny just to be funny.

He added, “Genres are just a classification that makes it easier for people to access the work. Personally, I do not want to behave with genres in mind. I prefer to focus on expressing the character as clearly as possible.”

The reporter mentioned some of his dark projects, like the drama “Time,” “Buzz Buzz’s Love” from the 2017 KBS drama special, or the movie “Stay With Me.” The actor said, “It’s the same point of view. I did not treat these projects differently and they did not leave a deeper impression on me compared to other works. What makes a deep impression on me is how people react to work. When people tell me what they liked, what they gained comfort and strength from, what caused “They have to dress. I try to remember the reactions of people who enjoyed my work and not the work itself.”

Kim Yong Hyun shared that he first developed an interest in the game when he was a student. “I was in the third year of middle school, when I was doing a voice acting at a school festival,” he said. “My friends would play the scene quietly and I would dub their dialogue. Everyone found it very funny, and then I got interested for the first time. ‘That is so funny? What is? What kind of work is this? ‘I had never thought of‘ actor ’work before, but I was starting to get curious about what‘ play ’is. “

He continued, “Our school did not even have a theater department. We gathered some people and a teacher to set up a club. I guess I could say I was the founding member of the first theater department at our school.”

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