Thursday , September 29 2022

Lamborghini C Squadra Corse reveals the Uros ST-X Concept


Umarus of Lamborghini has raised a plethora of eyebrows, so eager to increase the credibility of its newly produced mass-produced SUV, the race arm of the Italian company, Squadra Corse, unveiled a competition version called the ST-X Uros Concept.

He will see action in a new series for a single manufacturer that will begin in 2020 and operate in FIA-approved circuits throughout Europe and the Middle East. The circuitry will combine the two tracks and parts of the road, similar to the Rallycross, while the car itself is very close to the road leading Uros, but it comes with other accessories approved by the FIA ​​to allow it to run in an official competition.

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Most changes are under the skin, and include a fitted cage roll, a fire suppression system and a fuel tank racing FT3 to meet FIA safety regulations. The standard air suspension system was also installed with a higher passive spring and a melancholy train that took its place to maintain inevitable jumps from the total destruction of the car during races. Further changes and improved weight measures have reduced the weight of Uranus from its 2.2-ton figure on-going to trim only 1650kg – a drop of about 25 percent.

Under the new carbonfibre hood, ST-X shares its 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with standard car, producing the same 640bhp, with 627lb feet of torque. New 21-inch center wheeled wheels have been installed, as well as high bespoke mounted wings and new trapezoidal exhaust outlets pushed further up into the rear valance to reduce the chances of being torn to severe inferiority.

The Uros ST-X will make its dynamic debut during the 2019 Lamborghini World Finals, before it enters the competition using a formula to reach and drive where the logistics and maintenance of the cars are organized on behalf of their owners by Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

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