Sunday , October 2 2022

Report: NFL Team Handpicks Monday – American Football


The league drew five team members of Judge Clete Blakeman and replaced him
The same "high-performing officials from other teams," according to a report
From ESPN by Kevin Seifert. This is a rare practice for the NFL and usually
Reserved only for postseason games.

The only two members of Blakeman's team to work the game are judges
And Justice Department Judge Dana Mackenzie. Replacements include a line judge
Rusty Baines, Field Judge Dale Shaw, Judge Brad Bradman, Judge Tony back
Stratator and official actor of Patina.

The main recovery was to take place in Mexico City
Before he was moved to Los Angeles because of concerns about terrain conditions.
Both teams enter the week with a 9-1 record, and the game is charged in line
Preview Image of Super Bowl.

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