Thursday , October 21 2021

"Robocop" on a tour of Singapore


Hi-Tech Singapore An autonomous robot horseman with a rotating camera for head flashing lights to explore the summit spot – stop the attention of amused passers by who stopped to photograph selfies.

The four-wheeled white carriage, about five meters high, walked around the convention center in Medina, providing additional security at a meeting of world leaders.

The robot, so far unknown to him, is covered with flashing red and flashing lights, a prototype developed by the police, which can transmit a 360-degree image of the area he is touring.

It navigates independently on a pre-mapped route and can avoid obstacles, local media reported, citing police.

But instead of fearing the long robotic arm of the law, many passersby were amused by the device, and some were mistaken in a gigantic toy.

A handful stopped to take a picture of me, while a man was walking beside him, smiling broadly as he slowly turned around the convention center.

"It's so cute, it looks like a toy," said Chinese Christian Rowan Minh, taking a picture when her four-year-old daughter chased the robot down the street.

Singapore, known for its strict law and order, launched a major security operation to ensure the meetings of the week, which are organized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and attended by 20 world leaders.

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