Wednesday , September 28 2022

Scientists broke the secret of "Devil's Tower"


Вчені розгадали секрет знаменито.

An unusual object located in the United States.

A strange creature in the form of mysterious rocks, very similar to the royal stump of a huge tree, which is called "Devil Tower", in the United States attracts thousands of tourists, reports with reference to Esoreiter.

People come here just to admire this natural miracle, well, listen to what it is (watch the video, which examines some of the theories about the origin of this wonder stone of America).

But for the most part of the story "The Devil Tower", according to independent researchers the history of our planet has nothing to do with the truth. The fact that orthodox science still does not recognize what on earth was once the life form of silicon.

In fact, the "devil's tower" – it's just an echo of the silicon plants, which is a stump from one of the trees just another sequel, growing on our planet and reaching a height of sixty kilometers.

If we turn to the structure of this "hemp", it is remarkably consistent, for example, the linen stalks: the same structure in the form of a hexagonal tube, in natural construction optimized for full and highly efficient filling of space (think at least honeycomb).

This confirms the opinion of researchers that the "Devil Tower" is not just the rest of the silicon world. Thousands of such buildings have been scattered over the land, but unfortunately, all this historical wealth is needed by the man, or rather, uninteresting in orthodox science, where there is a "correct" view of the history of our world. .

But because of the earth, when it is controlled by silicon life forms, we do not know completely. However, today on this topic you can find (wants) on the Internet a lot of materials, very interesting and informative, but often everything for lovers of historical exotica.

For all the other people on earth – the usual view of the history we spent years at school. Moreover, it is indisputable and unchanging even in the central story constantly distorted to fit the interests of ruling elites. And anyone who is not really interested.

The truth is always interesting, but only for a very narrow circle of people that, as the actual appearance of our lives, the truth often has to pay dearly.

Because silicon forests and majestic targets stretch high into the sky, its stone arches, huge trees, from which today only a few amazing lumps – rocks look something wonderful, fantastic, and therefore unreal.

Especially if you have been told since childhood that it just can not be, because it can never be …

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