Friday , August 19 2022

SDP strongly suggests that the apartments can be sold back to HDB, and Singaporeans First & Policy when it comes to jobs



In a video released yesterday, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has shared a number of solutions to many problems that constrict the nation, such as depreciating Housing Development Board (HDB) flat lease, rising cost of life and stream of many foreigners.

The video was attended by members of the SDP such as Professor Professor Paul Anantharajah Tambyah, Vice Chairman Mr. Dr. Tan Liang and General Secretary Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

The market plan is not open

A list of their proposed solutions begins with one to solve the problem of the value of falling HDBs as they are near the end of their 99 year lease. They offered an open market scheme, where HDB apartments are priced at no cost to the land. They also add that do not open a flat market owners can sell the apartments back to HDB and any amount less than the expected contract will be returned.

Singapore's first policy

SDP also proposed a "Singaporeans first" policy, in which foreigners wishing to work in Singapore would need to be placed on a list provided they met strict criteria and criteria. Only after employers can prove that they have exhausted all the ways to find a local yet are not able to do so, they can employ a foreign list.

Office wages

Among other policies, the SDP has proposed to MPs (MPs) to be paid ten times the average wage of the lower 20th percentile of Singapore, and that three times the amount of a member's allowance will be paid to ministers. They also said that the prime minister should be paid only four times the member's pension.

According to their recommendations, they said that the Prime Minister will be paid 56 thousand SGD per month, and sing SDD 42,000 per month. Today, Prime Minister Lee Hsin Long's salary is about $ 183,000 a month.

Mr. Dhahouri Abbas also proposed a minimum wage law in Singapore.

Whether their proposed solutions were realistic or achievable, their video addressed a wide range of topics.

Can their means solve the problems of the nation?


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