Thursday , October 6 2022

The Ukrainian singer participated in the Las Vegas music event


The singer took the red carpet in a light dress.

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, who was hit by a "tiger" caused a mixed reaction of fans of the outfit that she chose for publication. Pictures from the event, the artist shared in the Instagram.

The star, now performing under the name NK continued to conquer America. Kamensky attended the 19th annual awards ceremony of the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

In the caption to the picture Nastya said that it is honor to be the first artist to represent Ukraine at this event, and also thanked its designer and designer.

The singer took the red carpet in a pale dress, cut in pink and orange with a long skirt and one bare shoulder.

In the second photo, Kamensky posing with the Latin American singer Ozona.

Opinions of the subscribers regarding the clothing of a nasty split. Some pointed out that the dress was simply amazing and suited to her, but others compared it to the curtains.

"Nestia may be a writer, but the dress is terrible, what to wear, the curtains look like", "What kind of fancy dress?", "Horrible dress," they wrote one.

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