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Why a Utd person should not take a risk on a 100m £ person; Chi focused on


Manchester United's facilitators are debating what signature they should stay away from, supporters of Chelsea wonder if injuries from key players would have been avoided, and Liverpool readers have testified about the Manchester City FFP investigation – all in today's words.

Cant wait to see Pogba's back, and which DDG, we should take the money whats on offer instead of risking losing it for free in January. Dibla is not the striker, we need someone else to replace Lukaku!

Red blood

Stay away from Greisman, Bale, James, Rakitic, Frisk and the likes of Beans.

Red blood

I would stay away from Umtiti I dont rate it. Maguire, not a fan of.
I was sniffing around Porto and Cb's Benfica.
Dybala and Costa sounds good to me but Papa is a highly rated winger, stay away from Bale.
Grimaldi Shaw.

So we have the problem for a decade, centralized, rewamp overall is urgent.

Massive work ahead for Ole.


If our management team thinks that Deloitte, Lindelof, Smolting Shaw is a defense ready to win in the league then perhaps also not to participate next season. At least 3 of these 4 are not good enough for Team 10, not to mention the winning team.

Wan Bissaka (or Cancelo) and CB quality are at least we need; If we had to be brutally honest we should actually replace any backline that even Smalling / Lindelof and Shaw did not do well enough.

for life

Sympathy for demons

Dv d beek should replace Fred! Or someone like T.Ndombele.

Red blood

Van der Beek defo is worth a punt. I'm glad we're not getting close to Sanchez. The money they're talking about is crazy for a player after one break season. We can not bet with signatures. We need to start getting players so we can build something.


You can always bet on young players. If this does not work they sell on value, La Depay.

I would easily risk £ 100m on Sancho.If he stays in Utd for the rest of his £ 100m career will be peanuts.


Cassello, Maguire, Rice, Dembla, James.
Young, Smalling, Matic, Lukaku, Lingard was first replaced 11.
If Pugpa goes, buy another link.

For Dibla and Costa – no thanks. Douglas Costa is September 29 – South America winger looking for the last big pay day all the bells?
As for Diabella, a pure luxury player who would add a glaze to a cake like Mann City, he would fight the Mediterranean sea around him at United.

I hope we dont 130m spunk on Koulibaly. He becomes 28 June and is struggling at any time Ive seen him play English teams in Europe.


Your zeh probably has a 22m clause to buy – how no one has activated it yet?

Brand of Bayer Leverkusen also has probably a 25m clause to buy if they fail to make the Champions League (1 game left and worth on points with 4th place but low GD). 6 goals and 14 assists at the age of 23 is decent, can play the wings or forward.

Imagine these two for less than 50 meters – quite deals!

Would also stay away from the Costa Douglas though – it is not the age at which we want to get players unless they are world-class.

Sympathy for demons

My theme is very basic. I love Manchester United since I remember that it gave me a sense of being behind a team that says "we can do it regardless of the circumstances that we have quality, tradition, and eggs".

Now I find myself faced with an entirely different animal from top to bottom like a football club. It forced me to turn to history to find answers.

We are on the downward spiral that will not stop until the money stops. By the time the Glazers leave, we are kingly screwed, enjoying only momentary walks in great "victories" against opponents or winning a small trophy. The level of investment required from now on is beyond the understanding of Woodward and the Board of Directors.

We still have the most inflated and efficient football team in European football and we continue to hold the most archaic football structure known to the professional football clubs. Old Trafford maintenance even embarrassed us in front of the whole planet last season when we had a massive leak of water burning on the field before a big game against Manchester City (which we lost) FFS!

I am Royal f *** ed at Woodward and the Glazers. They should be the first on the list of priorities of all the Manchester United fans' talking points instead of the regular transfer call. They suck the life out of us every day FFS!

If I was not clear for the first time .. the football club is totally FF until the Gazers and Woodward leave. Just like that.


I can not see it rip and replace either. Ola has already said no title challenge next season, because we need to restructure logically, over time. Not exactly what they wanted to hear, but, at least, there seemed to be a plan. If this is a 3 year plan to get us back to the top then this is a good start. We definitely need to keep Ole during this time, so we do not continue to be a class of foreigners from various managers to turn around the pitch without any hint F!

It will be a combination of youth promotion, getting the best of a few "stars" we have already and shipping out all sh ** absolute lines.

Darmian, Rojo and Valencia have just added Herrera and Fellaini.
I'm sure Ola will be giving a chance to Tuanzebe and TFM as well as keeping Greenwood, Gomez and Mahjong around the first team.

I think there will be a surprise fall, someone like Matik. (Perhaps it will not be a big surprise). Then it's right, center back and right. CM also, especially if Matic goes too.
It's 4 players tops.

This is a good start.
Then next summer it again until we get it right.
What will happen this summer, we will definitely be like Martiel, Pogba, Lindgard and Lucaco in the next team next season I would say.


There is no doubt that the contract was true regarding the structure etc. However, much has been done lately regarding putting a structure and plan in place. The press is full of stories that have linked us to everything, including for the Ministry of Defense or technical director, etc.

Ola is also talking about a plan.

I disagree with Olla's assessment that we do not need a body – we do it wholeheartedly – but it can be more related to the number of players we can bring and settle in a team in one window. Many here were happy when Harare went away. Some thought there were greater priorities. Like CB.

It's all part of the grand plan.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with the DOF, and the longer the wait, the less effective it will be in the summer. However, should we end up bringing one that should look like a sign of change, no doubt?

A thousand

When the club says it will support the manager it means there will be at least one transfer. They said they would support Mois and all he got was Fellini in the summer. Ole probably knows the economic situation, and so slowly over time spin. Yes of course we will spend but it will be under investment considering the team should rebuild not only strengthening or improving.

Its just sour and sour grapes from Jose. He talks about structure, but what he means. He opposed DoF. As for scouting he brought his friends and therefore can not complain there. He has no one to blame for the failure of his signatures except for him.

I think Pogba will leave this summer. CL Football, 25% salary cut and no title challenge next season. And if he leaves he has an increase in wages and an excellent chance for a title and CL medals. In addition to the attractions that the sun or Spain can offer. And DDG may well be outside. I would not be surprised if it turns out like when Ronny left, the club ended up with a transfer profit or a nightly expense.


We may very well be without RLC and Canetta for the final. It's unfortunate to be honest. I have not seen the match, but come on, this is a continent where winter is 6 months and we barely spring here. No wonder the field is not in good shape. Some MLS teams play on artificial turf. Drogba had played here before and he did not like to play in an artificial court, but what could be said. It's 6 months of winter. And I have to say that I was injured in the knee because of artificial grass too. No more playing football for me, finished, unfortunately.

My point is that all European teams that come to North America, especially in the northern part and Canada, can not expect equal quality of field than Europe.

Not sure he planned the game, but I think we just have to live with it now. Let's move on.


I think we can all agree that this is a very worthwhile factor played at the wrong time of the seaso and its cost to us RLC European finalists and probably also the beginning of the season too.

Can not do anything about it now and it potentially opens up a starting place for Barkley who was also named England squad today.

Nine nine

While I started to see RLC stabilizing its place, Barkley on the other hand: I'm still not convinced. But yes, it's a good opportunity for him to show what he can do. If Kant comes back, I think Sari will start with the trio Kovacs, Jorg and Canetta. Everything is defensive. And it can not be a bad thing as Arsenal's foul is clearly good with Auba and Lacazette


I wonder if Roman was so keen to play this "charity game" if it was the final CL we were contesting in a few weeks. I think not!! Yes, this is a very decent reason but surely an affair and the club could have come up with something else … something that does not require our exhausted players to travel halfway around the world to play on the field that is not even suitable for Sunday soccer league.


Despite injuries, at the end of a two-year window that included a World Cup, injuries happen, zaps are not great elsewhere in the world, injuries happen and unfortunately it's that way.

But regardless, I am really happy and moving that we are in another final.

It's good for the club and the fans. Essentially it is the London Derby but is actually being played behind closed doors considering the difficulty of finishing placement and assigning tickets. So, on this basis I'm not even going to call it. Let both sides go for it and I will bite my fingers and nails on the bone last night. I must say that I really expect it and make hope that Sari can win some money for the club so he can make a decision to leave or a soldier on and try to win some sections of the fan base over. More importantly than this, the club should keep forever and nurture a winning spirit through the classroom.

We can do it! Keep the blue flag flying high for everyone!

The Romans

Of the 49 million they received a fine 5 years ago they have to pay back the 33 million they received a refund for compliance (broke test) get banned from the CL for a year and get deducted 1.1 league points! Give me the job of the judge!

Rob Fort Worth Texas

The seasons above we come second brilliant, will take a 10pt deduction for the next season. Clubs get it into the administration, why not give at the other end of the spectrum

Big balls

Burnley Manchester City Hunter

This section copied from the Guardian gives a good understanding of the city and their attitude to fair:

When FIFA president Giovanni Infantino was still secretary-general of the Opa leaked document, he allegedly said that a city lawyer had given the president of the Infineto club, Don al-Mubarak, his opinion that they would be fined. This lawyer, Mubarak would "prefer to spend 30 million pounds on the 50 best lawyers in the world and sue them for the next 10 years." This, the so-called city Infantino announced, had a great chance for Uefa "to prevent the destruction of their rules and their organization."

If you read the comment, it's actually a gangster threat! Well basically grind you (Ufea) into the ground until you're broken. A city prefers to spend millions of pounds to claim an upea and keep all the FFP thing going to win in court than anything else. In fact I read the second day that the owner of the city can actually get off the opea if they want, that's how much power they have! So this is why fines do not work with the city, you have to find another way to punish them and that is why Upea wants to ban then from CL, they know that one thing that can affect them. But scary things to be honest and respectful to the Upea at least trying to face the city, PL needs to repair itself and make similar. Not sure of the result but lets hope for a winning football.

Turkish team Galatasaray banned form Europe I beleive so there is president Upea forbidding club from CL on breaking FFP rules, they just have to stand strong against team maybe that has ower worth 100 of billions.

Galatasaray: Uefa ban after appeal

Ufa's box office will not hold up in football football clubs

ManCity and Paris Saint-Germain How to Money Money Twisted Global Football


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