Thursday , May 19 2022

Xiaomi has introduced a new useful gadget


Xiaomi представила новый полезный гаджет

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air Analyzer Home Air DetectorAnother interesting device released by the Chinese company Xiaomi has become the new Air Analyzer Mi Air Detector House, writes the with reference to

The main task of the device, of course, is to discover PM2.5 air particulate matter, which are considered to be the most dangerous to human lungs.

In addition to the specified function, the new Mi Air Detector House is able to capture volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, to measure temperature, relative humidity and so on.

The new air analyzer is equipped with three independent professional sensors which collect certain indications and can accurately display the air quality and environment. All indices are accompanied by a detailed description.

The device has a 800 x 480 pixel touch display that supports gesture management. The brightness is automatically adjusted by the ambient light sensor.

The value of the Mi Air Detector house is $ 58, the sale will begin on November 11.

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