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According to the green eye prophecy, Cersei is going to die


The most anticipated battle of the last game of chess is behind us, and there is no need to hide enthusiasm. In almost half an hour, we could enjoy a wave of real emotions, from tension to fear to a great joy. But even if the danger from the north is blessed forever, Cersei is brutal in the south.

The last chapter finally brought us what we had hoped for. In addition to the great struggle with the "dead", we could have witnessed acts of heroism frankly or literally. Any enthusiast will only confirm this fact and remember 13-year-old Mormont at the moment.

But the real and decisive change was only when they faced Melisandra and Aryeh. In fact, these two women have no significant past. To be specific, they met only twice during the entire series.

For the first time it had happened long ago, in the third series, when the priest had said strange words to the girl: "I see you as darkness, and in that darkness, the eyes that look at me, brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, eyes that you close forever.

A short, intense meeting. Thanks to this, sometimes their fate may be more integrated than someone would say. So far, a lot of truth has been hidden in the trial. They met again now, in Winterfell, in the midst of the fight against death.

Aryeh's thoughts worked correctly and in good condition. The hidden message in the modest conversation gave her a clear message. The only blue eyes that should have been closed were the ones he hid in his face that night. At that moment, for a while, it seemed to have disappeared, and we were just waiting to see if that mission was over.

More eyes were hidden in prophecy than blue ones. And many fans are aware of this fact. Aryeh managed to kill many of her enemies. Some believe that these brown eyes were also present in a blood wedding. They were supposed to be owned by Volder Fry. This means that only green remains.

We know from the past that specifically for the Lancaster features such as golden hair, fair skin, and of course, typical green eyes. If we associate it with a constant threat to seven kingdoms, thoughts will bring us to a certain person. Cressy Lanister.

The fact that the journey of the fighters from the north will be directed to the king's landing stems from the car we saw immediately after the end of the affair. The question is only whether a lion will use the same strategy in this case, or rather use the selection of the face.

In the chapter The long night They fell forever:

  • Liana Mormont
  • Brick
  • Theon Grayg
  • Sir George Mormont
  • Mélisandre
  • The King Of The Night

Those we meet with:

  • Danery Targarin
  • John Snow
  • Aryeh Stark
  • Sansa Stark
  • Jamie Lannister
  • Sir Brian Metearth
  • / Sandor & the dog.
  • Lannister Trier
  • varys
  • The Tumura Jantsuban
  • A gray worm
  • Missandei
  • Samuel Tarley
  • Sir Davos
  • Gendry
  • Gili
  • Podrick Fine
  • Drogon & Rhagal
  • Ghost

And many others

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