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Challenging challenges await the new sports director of Koscze: I was intrigued by the background, one of the best in Europe



Knowing the high expectations, Jan Šastastný accepted the position of sports director of the Hockey Club HC Košice. A-team wants to raise the three seasons of the Tipsport League to the playoff semi-finals, but it also wants to focus on youth ice hockey in Kosice.

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"We understand that we can not gamble with the name of Hockey Košice," said 38-year-old Czech. On May 1, as director of sports and youth director:

"We were already in contact with the club management during the 2018/99 season, and I am very happy that I agreed, I understand the tremendous pressure like the club in Kosice has a big name in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic and in Europe."

"Last year I was at the club that was being questioned at a briefing where I presented an idea: People around the club do not sleep, on the contrary, they have great taste and energy to build something, especially for teenagers with follow-up to the team. Great for me and I believe we will be happy to meet our plans. "

In the past four seasons he worked in the Czech Republic Exterlaga Chmotov, before he acquired experience in Slobia Prague and Librech. "I was lucky to have worked in three large organizations with great youth work, and in Liberec I acquired a lot of experience and views of hockey from people "I think that Chomutov is still one of the best clubs in the field of coaching young players, but unfortunately his season was not good."

Who will coach?

Glenn Henlon.

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Glenn Henlon.

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One of the first questions he will have to solve is the name of the team coach. Behind the scenes are Peter Draisaitl, Glenn Hanlon and Vladimir Růžička. Although Effie did not give up specific names, he admitted in a circle of three candidates: "At this stage, there are three serious candidates for the job, with one of them close to the deal, but when nothing is signed, we will not reveal his name."

Merry is not only aware of high expectations, but also of the fact that he can be a thorn in the eye of ice hockey Košice, who might have been brushing their teeth on a relaxed posture as the sports director. Stress is always and everywhere, I trust it. I've been in sports for a long time and always has always been the highest. I definitely prefer to put pressure on an ambitious organization like HC Košice than clubs that do not have such aspirations. " I pointed out happyWho agreed with the club management on the annual contract:

"We also talked about a long-term approach, and finally we decided on a one-year contract and I want to go a year, and we'll talk about next season."

Access from the highest situations

HC Kosice players.

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HC Kosice players.


Kosice's team saw a retreat from senior positions in the previous three seasons. Fans often accused him of not having more attractive gameplay and poor shooting efficiency, too early to leave the game without mentioning. The results of the youth and youth team were far from ideal.

Joy is aware of these facts and plans to deal with them: "We have a great background and financial stability for the organization, but there is no respect for sports, so we will try to create an environment where not only good players will be happy to go, but talented young people who will believe in our journey. from him ".

"At this stage, about 12 to 13 players are signing the contract, I want to talk to everyone personally, we want each player to know his job, and if he does not agree, we will not agree to a contract. Especially with the potential of young players, and we certainly will not take players who have come to us to finish their careers, I wish we played ice hockey, which will ensure the audience. "

The name of the new emperor of Kosice HC should be known in the first half of May, and the first names of players with whom the club agreed on contracts for the 2019/2020 season can be expected in the short term. The summer joint training will begin on May 17-20 and will last until the first week of July. After a short free time, the players then thin the ice.



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