Sunday , May 22 2022

Future Voderád? Origin will become a city of commercial real estate ghosts


View | Was there one fashion outlet Outlet Center pre-convicted in failure? And his managers can do something else so that his fate will not be so short? There are a number of questions that arise when looking at the current events in Voderad.

People push through the streets of shops, in the parking lot you can find Slovak, Hungarian and Czech brands. The selection is rich and there are almost all relevant fashion brands here. This is not a description of the origin in Voderad, but the center of the Austrian trips to Brendorf.

Compete for a big one

This is what became the prototype of the center of origin for most customers in Slovakia. This was the first to show trends. Sure, it was in Austria, but its proximity to the borders made it to the center "Slovak" almost.

It was a surprise that the real Slovak competitor was growing in relative proximity. Comparing the two centers was a sense of seduction. For example, if the family from Bratislava decided on Saturday to buy significant discounts, it was almost two options – Voderady or Parndorf.

Both centers are the same distance from the capital, but the similarity ends in the distance. The Austrian depression is larger, with a broader offer and with larger and more interesting assumptions. Yes, in the center of Slovakia you are

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