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German hockey players disappointed after loss to US: We wanted to win it in Slovakia!

The disappointed players in Germany after Lara lost
The disappointed players in Germany after losing to the US

KOŠICE – Slovak hockey fans joined their supporters four days after their complaint, and on Sunday at Steel Arena in Košice, they co-supported team coach Tony Söderholm in a battle with the US Their mutual cheering, however, did not bring fruit. : 1 and finally defeated the quarter-finals of the United States team. "We wanted to win this for Slovakia, unfortunately, it did not work out," said Dominique Kahun, an attacker after the meeting.

The duel developed for the better. The Germans took the lead in the 12th minute when Frederic Tippels took over, but shortly after, James Van Rimsdeck settled. The Germans objected to the club until the 51st minute, when Dylan Larkin's winning hit came and Jake Eichel added a fuse in 57. "It was a good match for us today, we made the switch to the attack and we had a good move back, we knew the Americans were very dangerous in the attack and prepared it. Guali Niederberger showed excellent performance and 50 minutes kept us in the game for victory." Said Captain Moritz Muller.

Thus, after four victories, the Germans scored a second win with hockey players abroad, not enough for Canada (1: 8), but the quarterfinals were already clear in the past. "We wanted to overcome the Americans, that was the main thing, and we knew that if we succeeded, we would help the Slovaks, we would like it too, but we could not, it was a wonderful atmosphere, we wanted the Slovaks to move forward, or at least there was a chance." Said Cahun.

Americans should be confident of attending the eighth best tournament to get more than a spot in the last two duels. They did not leave anything by accident on Sunday and sealed the procedure in a victory over Germany. "We met our first goal, today it was a big game for us, an interesting confrontation, the Germans played very well, grabbed the goalkeeper and went to the whole thing, we knew we needed two wins before the game with Denmark and we're glad we came to Canada before the final duel" US forward Dylan Larkin said.

Their performances in the basic group will be closed by the derby on Tuesday. "The US and Canada are always a big rivalry, for us this is another opportunity to get even better, we came here to win." Captain Patrick Keene added.

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