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In Nitra, they are preparing for the arrival of problematic "hooligans": we know where they will gather



Traffic complications will hit the area near Zubor football stadium tomorrow. They are related to the match in which the Trnava soccer players in the final of the Slovanhap Cup will challenge the Jolina.

The Slovak Cup Cup will start on May 1 at six in the evening, but fans of Tarnava watch Nitra in the afternoon. The situation is even more complicated in the May festivities that take place in the park in the afternoon – almost in the stadium neighborhood.

The game is marked as dangerous, so the city prepares it in advance and prepares some security measures. The goal is not only to monitor the smooth transfer of football fans throughout the city, but mainly to avoid potential problems.

"We know about three businesses in the center of Nitra where Trnava fans will be gathering, we also expect the arrival of problem hooligans.We expect fans to move from city to stadium on Podzamska Street.To protect their property tomorrow somewhere else to protect their property, Says city spokesman Tomáš Holúbek in a press release.

The attack on Maternaaba cars is expected mainly in the parking lots of the stadium and the wrestling hall. For fans of Trnava, sold 3,200 tickets. With the assumption that three and four fans were imported by one car, a total of 800-1000 vehicles could come from Trnava to Nitra.

In agreement with the state police, fans Trnava set aside parking lots in the stadium and the wrestling hall. From 9 am, these cars will only be accepted by the cars of Taranabe, coming to the game. Other vehicles will be able to cross the embankment park Jesenskeho Street, but will not be allowed to park in the parking lots near the stadium. After filling the parking lots, the streets mentioned will not be temporary for any other vehicles.

In Nitra, they assume that traffic restrictions will continue until late in the evening.



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