Saturday , October 24 2020

My new problem Trenčianske noviny published


Parking Trenčín will change again. What will they bring? How do people react to municipal plans, how do experts evaluate them?

A district court judge in Trencin released a woman from the prosecution who was accused of stealing a rare painting from the Trencian Museum. Why did she choose it?

City and county MPs play in advertising, may lose their salary.

Cycling routes will be added in Trenčín and Nemšová.

Large traffic surveys began.

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On the streets of Trentz, on Wednesday, May 15, a public collection was held for the third time, accompanied by an awareness campaign on MS.

The article continues under Video Advertising

While this is just a lack of debt, the value of the euro promo will probably be high among collectors.

Myjava Folklore Festival will be more green.

The Earth can threaten 10 million bodies in space. We know only 20,000 of them. Juraj Tóth is a shining star on Earth. An astronomer who discovered sixteen planets and loved meteorites and observed their movement.

The third Trencin also bring "bullshit".

Štefánik will fascinate all generations in a cartoon story of young writers.

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Sports has its place in newspapers – especially football – regional, national. Anything you want.

The newspaper also features a popular TV magazine MY and an overview of free time tips in the coming days.

My Trencianske noviny is currently available during the week in newsstands, Jednota stores, other stores and also in the editorial office of Mren Trencianske noviny at 33 Mierovo namesti at a discount.

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