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Nitriansky samosprávny kraj were awarded prizes to three important personalities

The highest honor of the region was also won by a worthy citizen of the city memiamiam. The parish priest took the memorial plaque.

November 16, 2018 at 6:19 pm

Nitra. The Nitra Award for 2017 also took over this year by individuals who made an exceptional contribution to the region. The committee selected them among several candidates offered by the public or institutions.

For the eighth time, the ceremony ceremony of the NSK awards ceremony in upupnom dom v Nitre took place. Among the awards this year were representatives of education, wine, culture and clergy, which contributed significantly to the development of their region through their lives.

For the transfer of long-term knowledge

The first was Libor Vosar, the rector of Librec University in Nitra. As a science teacher and rector, for several decades, he has been teaching students and motivating them to develop their skills.

"I am very appreciative of the Persians, this is a milestone in which I live my entire working life, even though I was not born here, and through joint forces we have succeeded in making something important for the region, in my case, to contribute something to students, graduates and perhaps the entire region." His impressions.

The winner also won the prize

After winning the award of the vineyard winner, Joseph Korps, won another wine award. Chateau Bella Miroslav Patra is famous not only for us. The brand also enjoys today in New York, Singapore, Australia and India.

"He is pleased to receive recognition for his long work life, over 48 years of work," said winemaker winery Miroslav Petrech.

Wine is always a very important part of the area. "The Yugoslav winery is one of the most important areas in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, and I have other colleagues who will also like this prize, which is very challenging and tedious, but it's worth it, because people meet with a drink like wine."

The legend was given in the memoirs

The prize in the memoir was awarded to Dr. Stephan Valent, who undoubtedly entered the history of the city and its surroundings, and was personally worthy of the cultural, artistic and sports aspects of the city, and became the legendary figure of social life and was the founder of the Nitra Gallery. Magdalene Tapusikova.

"My father loved Nitra sincerely, he was a great local patriot, his life and his charisma utterly rejected the verdict because they are all substitutes, not in the family and in his case, nor in what he did," said Taposikova.

The layer took the priest

This year, NSK Chairman Milan Belica decided to grant the NSK memorial plaque along with the Thanksgiving letter to Stefan Kubash Adam, a Roman Catholic community of the Pond community.In addition to his spiritual service, Blake emphasized his literary work, especially educational art and folk art, The last hundred years.

"I accept the prize with inner humility, but with a certain challenge that if you can still do more and contribute to the treasure of wisdom and folk creativity and its part," said Kubash Adamov.

They also emphasized the qualifications of the priest from Rybník in the field of gastronomy. "I do not know if I can say it publicly, but I do not know if I cook better than a priest."

He betrayed that he was very helpful in fulfilling his message in life. "Two books and music are excellent means that a person who lives most of the day alone does not give up side intentions and does not slip out of his way to enjoy, apart from the main spiritual activity, a pleasure that enriches him mentally and psychologically, and that is what music contributes to him."

President Belicu claims that more people want to be respected. "Our rules, on the other hand, make it clear that there may be only three, but they are also symbols for others.

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