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Photo: Miss Slovakia 2019 Frederica Kortolikova (updated)

  • Updated April 28, 2008

BRATISLAVA April 27 ( – Frederica Kurtulíková won the title Miss Slovakia 2019. "Shaking a little, but I'm working on it." She told Sita immediately after the evening.

"I'm very excited, I'm looking forward to what I'm looking for, it will be very interesting" Added Bratislava, 24, who also took the title Miss Gush.

Miss World will be a challenge

According to her, the biggest challenge for the new Queen of Beauty will be preparation for the Miss world, in addition to her charitable work.

"I want to go to charity, and I'm very close to small children, so I could imagine helping children in orphanages, motivating them, teaching their languages, that's very important to me." Kurtulíková approached.

MISS Slovakia 2019
First Vicemiss 2019 Alice Ondrášová from Uninn during the final beauty contest Miss Slovakia 2019. Bratislava, 27 April 2019.Photo: Alexandra Chandra Vanderlikova

The first lieutenant feels great

The first writer became Alice Ondrášová from Unín, who also won the Miss title with a pleasant voice and the husband Miss Slovakia, Karolína Chomisteková also awarded her Miss Sports title in one of the centers in mid-March.

"I feel totally amazing, it's an unimaginable feeling, I really enjoy it." Onrashedova, who, in her opinion, captures the jury for her previous modeling experience, was known.

"I already tried the Miss Competition and I was abroad. And maybe it was also Baron that I sang, as there is such talent and talent in world competitions " A 23 year old brunette.

MISS Slovakia 2019
Secondemiss the second 2019 Natália Hrušovská from Nitra during the final beauty contest Miss Slovakia 2019. Bratislava, 27 April 2019.Photo: Alexandra Chandra Vanderlikova

A little sadness

Vicemiss II is Natália Hrušovská from Nitra.

"I have very mixed feelings, feelings of happiness, joy, emotion and a little sadness, because I know that our daughters are focused, but I believe we will continue to meet and that we will continue to enjoy moments together." She noted the highest of the finalists of the year, which, after a short break, plans to work intensively again.

"They are not only happy but also obligations, I want to improve myself in sports, English and other languages" she said.

Contract luxury car

The title Eva Miss Sympatia won Teresa Turzová, who was also named as Miss Miss Miss Miss Press became a few days ago. Miss Owen was awarded Teresa by Jakubcova of Snina.

Miss Slovakia 2019 awarded a contract, luxury car, exclusive vacation and other interesting prizes in addition to Miss Miss 2019.

The first branch of Slovakia 2019 will travel to the international competition Miss International and the second representative will represent Slovakia in the Miss International competition.

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