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Quick wedding of the Slovak actress: she was released only after a month of dating!


Many Dagmar Bruckmayer is connected with her company Bajnoková. This is the name that often appeared in the final dubbing titles. The most special character that lent her voice is Nice Littman authors. No one will know her legendary strangulation: "Oh My God!" Which was her consciousness and laughter.

Dagmar Bajnoková Janice Litmanová from her friends gave her voice.

Meggie Wheeler

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Bratislava was already married. Her first marriage lasted 13 years, and they took a man from the industry, an actor known as Dubov or the first-class series, Peter Rufus. Married couple only after one month of dating.

They both seemed completely natural, as they had known four years before. Degmar and Peter met at school and she was his students. "At the Academy of the Performing Arts I was an art teacher, and my current wife was my student." Rufus said for the SME. The couple had a daughter, Theresa, but they left after thirteen years. In 2007, she returned, under the economist Tibor Brokmeier, whom she met online.

Dagmar Bruckmayer is also known as JOJ TV's projects.

Slovak Wedding Actress:

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