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smart boy? The environment in which it grows plays a big role

Every mom and dad want the best for their child. The desire for a healthy, happy and wise parent to feel naturally. Although the gardens are not glittering and strongly herald the character of the child, there are things we can do to help him to use his full potential, not to ignore the intelligence.

Psychologist Thomas J. Derville, PhD, Intelligence depends on the interaction between human genes and the environment in which it grows. So, if you feel that it depends on your reactions, how to deal with the child and how much attention is, you are not far from the truth.

Psychologists have observed that there are things that harm the child, which, on the other hand, will require him to learn faster and eventually to higher intelligence.

Period of birth

Period from infancy to the end of the third trimester. Development during this period is essential for the child. The most devastating developmental disorders result from prenatal damage. The fetus works perfectly – what mother feels, how she eats, what she thinks and says.

Therefore you should avoid stress, work hard, get the most relaxation and food of nutritional value. Although it may seem banal to remind you that you should not drink alcohol or caffeine, many mothers continue to do so. An unborn baby has a harmful effect on cigarettes and drugs, which may limit future intelligence development in a small amount.

During pregnancy, the mother-to-be needs to take care of her body (and fetus) and love. Eat smart, enjoy lots of fresh air and movement. Exercise, whether yoga or regular walking in the woods, can help mothers to have a better birth. As they strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, the more likely they are to handle the work easier. In addition, the movement of the baby benefits, even in the mother's abdomen.

Postnatal period

The period of birth is a new, happy and stressful chapter of life for parents. The child's brain has a real meaning to learn, like a sponge that needs to suck information. Therefore, it should be exposed from the early days. Of course, suited his age in relation to fatigue and sleep. The pile of stimuli is quite disturbing, the child may lose interest and become apathetic.

One of the most important things for a child to develop correctly is to feel safe. Tracy Cochle, the editor of the book Brain Rules for Babies, says that if a child does not feel safe, she can not learn. Therefore, it is not proper to let him cry.

If a child cries without a mother's intervention, the brain floods the body with a stress hormone that acts as toxic. It damages neurons in the brain, which also show the future ability to learn new information quickly and quickly. Holding the baby in your arms, turning your body to the body (baby and mother) promotes the sense of safety as well as the massage. Seduction calms and deepens the bond between parents and offspring.

Matkin's voice calms the baby, it's the first thing she has ever had in her stomach. It's a familiar environment, it means security and protection. Tell him, even if he's a fake, he does not care about the boy. Read stories, talk to them as often as possible.

The more the child hears the language, the more he can recognize the words faster. Studies have found that children whose mothers spoke and exposed their tongues were 1.5 times as likely to have IQ. The voice should be soothing and loving. Reading stories can help you learn words. Show your child photos and try to name the feelings of the animals. Smile the bear? Show him and the boy says it's luck or joy. It supports both empathy and sensitivity to the feelings and feelings of others.

Unnamed: Let's keep the kids nearby

It is understood that the safety of the child is the first place. hall Think of physical limitation for a child at an early age, as well as a limitation of psychological development. The child learns with all the senses, touch and movement of the body. He should think, try and gain the greatest freedom of movement. Loss, crawling should be done as often as possible.

The movement helps correct cognitive function, stimulates the frontal lobe of concentration and attention, and promotes the development of the hippocampus responsible for memory. If the baby still can not play, you can get a move on your hands. The connection with the mother and the perception of her movement to bring the child into the world will feel like a part of the mother, which is natural and correct.

As the child learns more than interacting with a person, does not predict passivity in the fairy tale or presents a stimulus that can not be explored. Go with the baby, point to things and call them. Allow the offspring to take them by hand, allow him time to explore – helps to develop language skills.

Just remember a simple thing – children need to feel safe and loving. They do not need a hill of toys, only parental attention. Give them as much of their time as possible, play with them, go to nature, spend time as family as often as possible. Waste, physical or emotional and mental, is the main reason that children do not understand their full potential.

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