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Start Apple Pay in Slovakia comes. What the market is talking about


Mobile payments for iPhones have been unpredictable for years. If nothing changes, they will come in the coming weeks.

While abroad, customers usually learned about banks supported only after the launch of Apple Pay, with us this is different. Ivivé.sk Portal on them It was reported in February And gradually Start the service Slovenská sporiteňaa, mBank, tatra banka, as well as foreigners N26.

Already since July last year, negotiations are taking place between banks, Apple and card companies to join Apple wages. So we are like The first medium announced thisBecause Apple definitely decided to offer service in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

It was supposed to come Service to Slovakia in March this year. But Apple began by a few months, according to the source, and has solved legislative problems. It is still unclear exactly what should be done.

When will he come?

It is still unknown when it comes to launching a utility. Long banks expect that Apple's payment will begin in June, some of them mentioned in May. Details are not yet known.

But some banks still not technically ready to provide Apple wages.

Savings Bank Status

At the end of March it published the status of Slovenská sporiteňaa, which is relatively Announced unexpectedlyThat Apple hired will support. Not only customers, but also rival banks, which did not expect such a move, remained surprised.

The reason for this was the signing of strict confidentiality agreements that were prohibited by any Apple Pay information. In this case, however, it was a situation approved by Apple. It was even speculated that the mother of Slovenská sporiteňaa, Erste Group, tried to make the Slovak branch launch Apple pay as the first and perhaps the only – at least for a short time.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Apple Pay operates in Poland and the Ukraine. A more capable Austria is still lacking.

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Four companies officially approved the beginning of service, and other banks offer it.

Source: Apple

We also officially have such approvals at the beginning of this month at the bank refused to comment on the issue. In recent days, there has been a start in Austria and interesting that it is offered by her sister Erste Sparkasse and N26 online bank.

Other banks have already announced

However, on the basis of published status, other banks turned to card companies and provided the opportunity to add status to the upcoming support. And so we have almost the same class with the same graphics from several banks.

And how is that possible? Banks received the same templates and text translation ready. Therefore, institutions can not choose what situation their customers should look like.

365 Bank, Pustova Banka and J & T Banka did not announce the start. Although 365 has been openly in the social network, Apple will offer rent.

Apple was supposed to take advantage of the service entry to our market.

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Start without clicking

Banks officially acknowledge their disappointment that even a press conference for journalists is not going to begin in Slovakia, where Apple will announce the launch of the service.

Apple's payment method may come in the coming months.

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Some banks do not like the fact that they do not plan a press release for Apple Pay.

Source: Apple

Also the banks involved agree to this, since they can not communicate officially with each other before starting Apple Pay.

Also press release to announce the start of service should be almost the same for all companies – only the logo, registered office or bank name can be changed. Therefore, it is possible that the media will receive several press releases on the same day.

We find out more about the service. Watch

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