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Tesla raised the model 3 prices


Model 3 has become more expensive in all versions and hundreds of additional dollars will be paid by the customer for a full base, Which Tesla did not even offer online.

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After the big problems Tesla was doing Model 3, she eventually managed to improve her production so that she could deliver what they had waited for a long time. However, the company's latest surprise is the price increase of this affordable electric carIe according to portal information Electrek More expensive about $ 400 in all versions. The cheapest Tesla Model 3 will cost $ 39,900 on the official website.

Higher prices apply to all models of model 3 from May 13, No They do not apply to shares held prior to May 12. Then the cheapest electric Tesla car will cost $ 35,400 after a new one, But the customer will not find it in the official offer. If he wants to order this basis, he will have to contact the company by phone. Such an increase in the selling price will not endanger too much, but Tessel can bring more profitWhich will cover recent losses CNN.

Source: Electrek, CNN

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