Monday , May 16 2022

Tesla Red and Starman had already missed Mars


The company did not forgive the familiar science fiction novel.

Tesla Red Roadster With the "Starman" icon launched by SpaceX in early February, Mars has already passed. These days, it will pass from the sun to the top point of its orbit. An interesting company in bold Using your Twitter account. The topic was

Tweet is a simple sketch of the orbits of the planets of the inner part of the solar system along with the orbit of Tesla mentioned. It shows that Tesla is about the farthest point from the sun, about 257 million km About a third less, Than the original data of the head of the company.

Let's add that Tesla and "Starman" entered the universe within the first A sharp missile test Falcon heavy. It was only artificial. But the company is also equipped with cameras, and there are so many hours of "driving" on YouTube. Learn more about Tesla and Starmana routes, along with other attractions In a separate article.

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