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The important historian and art teacher, Carol Kahn, died


Since 2005 he carries the Board ududovít Štúr II. Classroom.

An important historian and teacher of art, Carol Cahun, died on Saturday morning when he was 88. Since 2005 he is the subject of the Šudir ududovít II. Classroom. It is worthy to develop heritage conservation in Slovakia and has grown up several generations of historians and art theorists. TASR announced the death of art historian Martha Herucová.

Karol Kahun was born on September 13, 1930 in Boleraz. After completing his studies at the state elementary school in Traneva, he studied history of art and ethnography in the Department of Arts of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Comenius in Bratislava. During his studies between 1952 and 1954, he participated in studies focused on the first list of monuments in Slovakia under the leadership of his teachers Václav Mencl, Vladimir Wagner and Alžbeta Güntherová-Mayerová.

After graduating from university he worked as a lecturer in the department, where he lectured for more than 40 years, led seminars and trips. In his research efforts, despite the prevailing communist ideology, he focused on the Scottish Gothic architecture in Slovakia, which was the subject of his doctoral dissertation and candidate. However, he can publish the results of the study later. After 1989 he became the head of the Art History Department at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Karl in Bratislava. Since 1995 he lectured in the Department of Art and Culture History of the University of Trnava in Trnava.

His professional interest in medieval, modern and modern art, especially in architecture and sculpture, enriched the artistic-historical writings with a variety of synthetic and monographic works, studies and articles. His exhibition activity was tireless. He became a sought-after personality of Slovak cultural events and identified competence in the field of art and history. He has been active in scientific and editorial boards of many professional journals of artistic nature, scientific institutions and collection institutions. He emphasized the preservation of monuments and contributed to the formation of the principles of the treatment of the monument in Slovakia.

He was a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) in UNESCO, where he served as deputy chairman of the Czech Republic, and from 1999 to 2004 he was chairman of the Slovak Art History Association in the Slovak Academy of Sciences, The idea of ​​a circle of colloquia dedicated to the founders of the history of art in Slovakia. Karol Kahun lived in Bratislava with his wife, art historian Denisa Kahunova, a family. Marčišová.

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