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The number of visitors to Ein-Hayam decreased by a year


Auto Adder specifically for pedestrians and cyclists.

18 Nov 2018 at 16:44 TASR

Rametska. The National Nature Reserve (NPR) Sea Eye in the village of Remetská Hámre in Sobrance County recorded an annual decline of more than 7%.

During the summer season of this year, 26 thousand visitors arrived. This site is known for this.

"Wehralat PLA Administration installed automatic bicycles and pedestrian walks in April 2016, which records the numbers and directions of pedestrians and cyclists with the elimination of cars.We know exactly how many tourists and cyclists arrive in this attractive tourist area from 2016. This summer season was compared a little last year More weak, in 2008 reached 28 thousand visitors. "

It had a total of 35,898 tourists during the week.

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Cyclists were five percent

The strongest day during the season was the state holiday on Wednesday, July 5, when 1507 people arrived.

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"In July and August, most people were invited on Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 13:00 and 17:00," he says.

Out of the total number of visitors to the NFC sea eye, cyclists were almost 5 percent.

In addition to local tourists, the settlement is also visited by foreign tourists.

Ein Hayam is also a starting point for a number of tours in the Hervalt and a visit to two educational routes that pass through the Viorhalt beech trees.

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