Saturday , October 16 2021

The project of the second stage of the tram line Petržalka made a territorial decision

"The project for the expansion of the tram line to Petržalka has been determined according to a timetable approved by the European Commission and the Ministry of Transport and Exhibition of the Slovak Republic, and a process of documentation of a building permit is being carried out.After receiving the territorial decision, the request for a building permit is requested from Petras' After obtaining a building permit, the construction contractor and the request for financial contribution not repayable to obtain funding through the European resources through the integrated infrastructure infrastructure program (OPII) are taken over.This project should be implemented by 2023 at the latest, until the period eligible for financing projects through OPII is Instead, "said Ivo Nasrovnal, head of Ai Of Bratislava.

Extending tram line to the court Janíkov largely dismantled the current traffic situation in one of the largest urban areas Petržalka. The route will have a total length of 3.8 km, 7 stops section from the Rusovská Cesta to Janikkov Court via the central Petržalka axis.Traffic routes, trails as well as stops and stops will be built alongside the radial.The expected project costs are $ 114 million. M. At the same time, the capital city is also working on the development of the entire area where a new tram will lead.

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