Thursday , December 2 2021

They confirmed a crazy theory. The earth is in a huge magnetic tunnel


Scientists have taken an older study and re-examined it, with new results suggesting that the Earth is in a magnetic tunnel in space.

This is evidenced by the two structures that astronomers are able to observe in the sky, Informs the Science Alert portal.

New systems helped

The two structures in the southern and northern hemisphere skies have been known for decades, and a 1965 study served as the basis from which scientists today began.

New research Led by astronomer Jennifer West, they connected these structures and also connected the radio loops that are in the space between them. As early as 1965, scientists speculated about the origin of these radio signals.

Astrophysical Observatory of Radio Dominion / Telescope Villa Alyssa / ESA / Planck / Stellarium / Collaboration. West

“This research has inspired me to focus on this idea and combine my model with the much better data that today’s telescopes give us.” Says West for uToronto. It was the models and simulations that helped the research team find out what the sky could look like if the two structures were actually connected.

Correct guess

The team played around a bit with the parameters and found that the most likely distance of the two structures from our star system is 350 light-years. This value is consistent with other assumptions and the total length of the tunnel they constitute in the new model is 1,000 light-years.

The model also agrees with a number of further studies and observations on parameters such as shape of structures, polarization of electromagnetic radiation and brightness.

A team of scientists is currently preparing for even more complex modeling, which can help clarify the role that the entire structure plays in the galactic context.


“When Jennifer first told me, I thought it was too clear a theory to be an explanation. But in the end she managed to convince me! I wonder how the rest of the astronomical community would react,” said astronomer Brian Gansler of TUniversity of Oront.

A cosmos full of giants

The mentioned tunnel, in which the earth is located, is by no means the first mysterious structure we have discovered in the universe. One of them, for example, is the largest structure we have found so far. He hangs out for reasons we don’t understand.

Imaging of the galaxy ID2299 emits a large amount of matter in its “tidal tail”. Source: ESO / m. Kornmesser

Recently, information has also surfaced About a mysterious structure right in our galaxy that is hard to look at Because of the number of stars and nebulae that stand in our way. It is an object that can reach up to 16,300 light-years in length and consists of several gases.

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