Thursday , September 29 2022

They showed the child's robot a frightening expression


The baby robot is seven years old.

Seven years ago, the Japanese scientists of the Infanto Robot robot showed only a bare head that could move through the eyes and mouth.

Today he has much more reliable facial movements just like a little boy. The robot can almost move the entire face.

Affetto serves as a test model for human expressions for robots, researchers working at the University of Osake. The development of a robot has been described within the boundaries of robotics and AI.

The goal of the study is to give the robots a wider range of emotions and ultimately to deepen their interactions with humans.

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In a similar study, it is often a problem to create asymmetric expressions and reliable movements of artificial skin.

"Our findings will allow us to effectively control facial facial movements to have more shadowy expressions, such as a smile and a frown," says one of Hissashi's research authors in a press release.

DOI: 10.3389 / frobt.2018.00119

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