Sunday , May 16 2021

Unnamed: The identity of Father Maika Spirita revealed? It should be this beautiful model

The favorite rapper Majk Spirit has been hiding successfully for several weeks who is his new boyfriend. It did not give him to fans and they started looking. It was enough for them to photograph the rapper's girlfriend did not even look good.

And they began to mention her name in comments about the social network. It should be a foreign beauty that works for a Dubai modeling agency. According to our information, it is Masha, who comes to Ukraine. Even the current picture of shorter hair will even sit.

"Someone called her here, she had the same cat on the picture, and the post was immediately deleted," wrote one of the fans under a photograph of Maika and his girlfriend.

"I would like people to solve my music in the way they deal with my relationships, I'll keep my private life, when I think it's appropriate, I'll give my identity to my instagram," said Mag through Topki.


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