Saturday , October 1 2022

Volkswagen wants to be the most profitable manufacturer of electric cars


Volkswagen plans to invest almost € 44 billion in the development of electric cars, autonomous systems and new transmission systems by 2023.

The German automaker Volkswagen has approved its ambitious plans for massive investments in electric vehicles. In the coming years, Volkswagen plans to produce about 15 million electric vehicles in all brands belonging to the parent group. In addition, the car will explore possible ways to work with the Ford Ford.

Herbert Dis, CEO, wants to get an agreement with Ford on the table by the end of the year.However, according to Dis, the purchase or redemption of car share in the US is currently out of question. Ford and Volkswagen will work together to develop more autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles, including the appearance of the new Amarok truck.

LookSiri came to the Volkswagen. It helps to communicate with vehicles

Volkswagen wants to increase productivity by 30% in its manufacturing plants by 2025 by producing multiple models of different brands on a single production line. At the same time, Volkswagen will reduce the R & D ratio to 6% of total revenue.Diess believes Volkswagen can be the most profitable manufacturer of electric cars.

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Under this scheme, however, trade unions should register for fear of redundancy. Approximately 436,000 jobs in Germany are related to the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles. The combustion engine, exhaust system and gearbox together comprise about 1,400 components, but batteries and electric motors contain about 200 components.

The automaker has created a plan to transform Zwickau, Emden and Hanover into electric vehicle manufacturing, ensuring jobs for current workers by 2028. Zwickau's manufacturing plant currently manufactures Golf and Golf Estate, but the first electric vehicle will be recognized from its production line in 2019.


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