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Zimbabwe has not entered the season: Levy is the fourth part of Hirsch vs. Christophersen


Marcel Hirschkher
Marcel Hirschkher

Skull Slovak man ampamp did not enter the new season of the World Cup when he left in the first round of the first Slalom Blau, Finland. Still on the flat side before the first time he caught the track with the spike of the skis and although he entered another gate, in the sense of the rules of automatic disqualification he did not keep the ride. Zampa had an initial number of 31, and when Platt was preparing for the 55th.

In the first men's sports tournaments, it appears that the fourth drama of the slalom is Hirscher vs. Kristoffersen. The Austrian rider Marcel Hirscher showed Levi a traditional galloping ride with several "lying" positions, and it seemed he would not go 54.27 for his time. But in a clear run, Henrik Kristoffersen, who had only seven hundred, managed to win again. In the eyes of the opponents, the second singer of the French seed, Noel Clement lost the 38th place, Victor Mofet straight end half a century.

For three years, two phenomenal technicians have completely unimpeded the title of the king of slalom in SP. Three years ago, Christophersen was successful, followed by Hirsch twice, who set up on three small globes. Norwegian was the only one who could interfere with his peaceful hegemony for one season in 2016.

SP in Downhill Ski – Levi (Fin) – Sun – Results ::

Men's Slalom – Round 1: 1. Marcel Hirscher (AUT) 54.27 s, 2. Henryk Kristoffersen (Norway) +0.07 s, 3. Clement Noel +0.38, 4. Victor Muffat-Jeandet (both Fr) +0,50, 5. Michael Matt + 6. Manuel Feller (both) +0.89, … 38. Matej Falat +2.60 s – two SR) – did not finish the first round

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