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63 public figures with the first written by Rado Pezdir with the support of Anže Logar


11. Nov. 2018 10:36

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| Updated: 10:48 / 11/11/2018

63 public figures with the first written by Rado Pezdir with the support of Anže Logar

63 Public figures with the first signatories, Red Pazir, submitted a letter to the public in support of the candidacy of Dr. Anže Logar, mayor of Ljubljana: "It is not true that there is no choice and no one in this city is forced to force most of the city A way of working that is unacceptable to our system of values, and there are many controversial acts for the Lubbana people to touch both eyes. "

We publish a letter of support to Dr. Anže Logar as mayor of Ljubljana

There are moments in life when it does not matter whether you advertise or not. There are times when it's smarter to keep quiet. But there are also moments when you just have to answer.

These moments are now, before the mayoral elections in Ljubljana.

In Slovenia, we too often convey the "comfort" of a generally valid belief that everything has been decided in advance. These wings are repeated over and over again by those who enjoy it. Therefore, such thinking allows them to maintain the status quo.

If you do not do anything, you probably can not expect a result. This time, we will not choose this option, but we will respond.

In Ljubljana, we have an opportunity in these local elections to send a simple message by surrounding a particular candidate. A message that not everything was determined in advance. It is not true that there is no choice, and not just one in Ljubljana, which is intended to impose on most of the city through work that is unacceptable to our system of values. Most of the controversial acts of Ljubljana people say we can no longer move on both eyes.

We have a candidate who has already proved in previous work that he is not afraid of the challenges of realizing what he has set for himself, and above all, that he has a high moral integrity and that he can seek the common positions of people with different political beliefs. This is very important for Ljubljana right now.

In these elections, it will be those who say that in our lives we should not regret what we did, but those we do not have. Therefore, we will not agree with the signatures on the reading. We will not regret that we did not speak or regret that for one reason or another we did not vote.

This time, we will sincerely go to polls to cast their vote for ZA, for Dr. Anza Luger.

Meg. Radu Pazadir

Lovrenc Arnitz & # 39;

Ivo Ban

Professor Dror. TED & # 39; Batalino

Professor Dror. Martin Brisch

Peter Bernick

Dr. Katrina Bugatti Gradishnik

Meg. Andrey Brocken

Dr. Mitya Dezinger

Meg. Gaspar Dubzen

Marco Fink

Dr. Kajetan Gantar

Dr. Boris Goltz

Dr. Stop Granada

red. Professor ddr. Igor Gredina

Alex Hoys

Jose Rivernik

Marta Jakopič Kunaver

Professor dr. Anton Yeglik

Ton Kaiser

Professor dr. Janco Kos

Ton Turner

Маринка Курилич

Vera Mike

Milena Morgana

Prime. dr. Andrei Muzina

Dr. Matia Ogrin

Igor Omerze, Meg

Ingo Pash

Hazel and Patrola

Anz Podovnik

Milena Putterbin

Dr. Damien Perlovsk

Dr. Ksenia Rosman

Professor dr. Dimitri Ruffle

Meg. Igor Senčar

Doc. dr. Brian Snignac

Dr. Vasko Simoniti

Jože Snoj

Yuri Sutz

Jože Strgar

Dr. Ferdinand Schreibelg.

Tomaž Štih

Matjaž Štine

Dr. Mitja Linear

Dr. Lovro Šturm

Professor dr. Peter Schuel

Dr. J & amp; amp; Anne Schustersch

David Tassitz

Dr. Matevž Tomšič

Professor dr. Igaiga Turk

Professor dr. Andrei Omek

Sasha Veronique

Dr. Alex Leo West

Dr. Ludwig Widmer

Alda Weiler

Dr. Blaž Vodopivec

Anton Zelokar

Marianne Zgonock

Professor dr. Matka throws

Professor dr. Roda throws Plaskovic & amp;

Prime. Doc. dr. Bogomir & Co.

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