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7 Ways to Prevent Hair Growth


Common scrubbing

One of the most common causes of painful and unpleasant side effects are dead skin cells on the body surface, making it impossible for the hair to penetrate the surface after shaving or depilation rather than grow under the skin. This can be avoided with ordinary ones peeling. At least once a week, you offer it to areas that often encounter a razor blade.

Choose one of them available on shelves or one from the workshop at home, which will both work regularly on a regular basis, thus removing obstacles from the surface of the skin, preventing hair flowing in the right direction while providing gentle soft skin.

Use depilatory creams

The chances of hair growth are greatest after shaving or smoking. When using Depilatory creams The option is much lower for them, but it is true that you should be careful when using these on the sensitive parts of your body and your care to choose the ointments that are adapted for use on delicate skin.

If you are not willing to give up the razor, let it be sharp

Remember, razors end up losing their sharpness. That is, you need to replace the old ones with new ones regularly. Not only because only sharp blades promise satisfactory result, but also that when using old, Tears Are more likely to be harmful to the skin and, even to growing hair.

Never forget foam or shaving cream

A high quality gadget is another way to prevent hair growth. The shampoo or shower used so far is not a good choice. appropriate shaving foam Softens the hair, relieves the smoothness of the blades and simultaneously softens and nourishes the skin.

The little girl has to go in the right direction

If the legs or other parts of the body are brushed in the opposite direction of hair growth, they will cut sharper and become more easily grown. It is more appropriate to read legs, intimate areas and living areas In the direction of hair growth, Which will not be a problem with sharp razor.

After shaving, nourish the skin

There are many products designed for skin care After shaving. Creams and creams containing acetylsalicylic acid, glycolic acid and anti-inflammatory substances are the most effective. They moisturize, nourish, and simultaneously provide gentle peeling, thus reducing the likelihood of getting hair.

And if adult hair comes out after all?

It happens that, despite doing everything right, you notice an undesirable consequence of depilation. In this case, resist temptation, do not try reddening reddish spots, as this can cause infections and inflammation.

Na Fine hair Instead of putting a warm cloth on it lay it as long as its top comes over the skin surface, then pull it with sterile tweezers.

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