Thursday , August 18 2022

A week in the stars


Things will be directed to the past, and will obviously become our faults, which we will have to analyze so that we will not repeat them. The time of the shooter will bring us winter temperatures. We can connect with subconscious experiences and remember things we once worked and can now re-raise. It can also lead us to intuitive thinking and an imaginary world. So the shooter is a mystical, semi-energetic sign, and the people born in it summarize his qualities and almost never know the statement that something is impossible. This nature shooter will all participate in a wonderful time, which will fill us with fresh energy.
Toward the end of the week, Venus will again opposition Uranus, which could lead to conflicts over funds or projects on the surface, because Merkur is retrograde. This will be most reflected in family life. Of course this does not apply to people who unknowingly solve all challenges, as this aspect will give you a clear insight into the changes you need to make in the field of finance.
The falling moon and the Merkur degenerate will help us realize all the goals in which you have invested energy since September. We have a positive week, where the rest should be placed before work, because only in moments of peace can you get the right information and socializing will take place in an easy way.
In the sky, important planets will meet together this week. These aspects are called kazimi, meaning that the earth illuminates with double force, which will bring us the most important information. Intuition will be very stressed, on Monday the sun and Jupiter are said kazimi, which brings a lot of magnification and support. In this respect, this week will really come true. I again warns that during Mercury retrograde no new measures are taken, it does not sign new contracts, but only things re-. Because Venus is direct, it is time for new energies to praise the relationship and connect deeper.
On Tuesday, it will be an important day that will have two aspects of the aspect, the sun and the retro Merkur and Jupiter. Extraordinary energy allows you to talk about important things, say what you have not done so far. Today will bring support, so grab the opportunities offered to you.
Enjoy beautiful days, well-being and happy moments. Only the last moon break on Friday will be quite dynamic, in the emotional area you wake up, you will behave differently than usual, so you will take a step forward in your personal life.

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