Thursday , December 2 2021

Always the strong Frank could not do it anymore, he broke down in tears (Photo)


There was a touching moment in the mansion when franc Celebrated a birthday. He went to the mailbox and saw the letter, he knew immediately that it was from the locals.

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At first it was written, “Grandpa …” A letter from his children and three grandchildren broke it. He then crushed him and dumped him. This decision was not an easy one, but he says it is better not to know what is going on in the house because then he would only think about it.

He was ill.  Photo: Voyo

He was ill. Photo: Voyo

“That’s all I have. That’s it,” he explained, clearly excited.

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“No, I could not read,” the emotional Frank honestly admitted. He later complained about it Tilnu B I’m dying, Who listened to him and comforted him. “Why would I open a wound?” He said and added that this is a very close family.

Aljaz is better in the arena

Otherwise, it was the turn of the arena, and within it the duel between Aljažem B Enzyme. In the end, Aljaz was better. Angie did not go home, he left the estate and was forced to go home in the woods.

Aljaz was better in the ring.  Photo: Voyo

Aljaz was better in the ring. Photo: Voyo

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