Saturday , October 16 2021

Approved accommodations on Louise's lake, Louise

Slovenian Alpine ski enthusiasts keep Lake Louise, a Canadian arena of rapid events, in a very nice memory. There is a ski champion Elka Stohets She entered her first career win two seasons ago and began her successful march, writing the best season of her career. At the end of the last week of the month there is a competition for competitors in fast disciplines, and a week later there will be competitors. Štuhč returns to the carriage after a one-year absence.

A series of North American continents are facing a difficult task. A lot of challenges have already been encountered in the International Ski Federation before the snow, because of the lack of snow and weather, they were made last night but they got a green light.

"Although the situation on the Sabbath was on the edge, we would put the efforts of the organizers in a favorable weather forecast helped with the approval of matches that will start the season even to fast disciplines, Said the director of the competition Hans Trinkel. Despite the hot weather of Lake Louise during the night, they fall below zero, which is enough for a good preparation of the track, Canadians hope.

Before the start of the racing season in fast disciplines, this caravan will stop at the end of the week in Lapland. In Levy, Finland will be a women's slalom on Saturday, and on Sunday there will be men. Last season, it was the best in this discipline Mikaela Shifrin in Marcel Hirschkher. Six surfer Slovenian skiers will compete. Women's competition Anna Bosik, Meta carob And MАруша Ферк, Slalom IV will coach Dennis Šteharnik Established by internal skills between Clare Levac in Not Dvornik, But in the male competition they will appear Štefan Hadalin in Anan Kranjec.

Last year, Alpine skiers began to take off at first. Štuhčeva, who missed the season, was not hurt. Photo: Osa Sports today

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