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Austrians are already offering it: hot “Korean” prices are well known

This Korean “electrician” is one of the hottest and most interesting car innovations of the year. In choosing an electric car, from the point of view of technical experience and user experience, I can be the first to seriously step on the toes of the Model 3. Tesla. It arrives in Slovenia in the summer, and in Austria its prices are already quite concrete. . Full (and used) equipment will be more expensive than Tesla and probably also the most expensive Hyundai on the market.

Hyundai’s ioniq 5 is one of the most important vehicle innovations this year, and even in the first tests abroad it received very positive reviews. The first dedicated electric Hyundai shows what the Koreans (along with the kio EV6) know how to do in terms of mobility. It promises a lot, at least From the car’s point of view (there are also production challenges, competitive prices …); the ioniq 5’s technical specifications and practical application today place it as the first serious competitor to the Tesla 3 model.

We would even put in between the front and rear wheels

Even we would put a “flea” between the front and rear wheels, the wheelbase is up to three meters.
Photo: Hyundai

What (almost everyone) others “forgot”, the Koreans did not (

Hyundai has done a great job in developing the ioniq 5, at least on paper. They manufactured a dedicated electric platform and stretched the wheelbase to the end. It is about three meters, or as much as the “people” car that was completely long was a fickle “flea”. The Ioniq 5 has a modern interior, some interesting solutions (just like in the new Tucson display of side cameras when the signals are turned on) and the much-anticipated space.

The center console can be moved (the new Nissan Arie will have a similar option), the rear seats can also be moved electronically, and the car will also have the option of roof racks and towbars. It will also be possible to charge external power consumers using the vehicle battery. An important and especially very useful advantage would be the front trunk “Fronk” 22 liters, ideal for storing the charging cable. So far, most manufacturers have simply forgotten this detail in dedicated electric vehicles (Volkswagen, Nissan …).

A retro-modern car that also promises a lot technically

And there are the technical capabilities; 800 volt system with DC charging up to about 230 kilowatts (kilowatts), batteries with a capacity of up to 72 kilowatt hours (kWh), option for four-wheel drive and range according to WLTP standard up to 430 km. The look is also something special. The design of the Unique 5 is also an interesting combination of retro and modern lines, and certainly a car that will not be able to be replaced on the road in another model.

Tesla 3 model


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The interior is spacious.  In front the bottom is completely flat, and the center console can also be moved.

The interior is spacious. The front has a completely flat bottom, and the center console can also be moved.
Photo: Hyundai

Versions and price list of ioniqa 5 in Austria.

Versions and price list of ioniqa 5 in Austria.
Photo: Hyundai

Austrians already with price list, configuration and test drive reservations

In Slovenia, no pre-orders for the Unica 5 from the importer of the Hyundai brand are planned, as the first cars will also arrive relatively soon – in the summer. The official website of the importer does not yet have information about the new electric hitchhiker. It is different in Austria, where Hyundai has already introduced the price list, configuration and registration for test rides.

The basic ioniq 5 will cost 46,000 euros in Austria. This is a version with “baseline” equipment and a smaller battery. The difference in price for a larger battery is three thousand euros, which is a very small addition considering the significantly higher capacity (72 instead of 58 kWh) and the more powerful electric motor (160 instead of 125 kilowatts).

In the middle gear package, the Austrians will also get the ioniqa 5 in a version with two electric motors and four-wheel drive. Prices for such vehicles will start at 52,000. The ioniqi 5 best equipped with “top line” equipment already reaches a price of 60 thousand which is, for example, the prices of the most powerful versions of the Tesla 3 model. With it the ioniq 5 even shares labels according to the battery. Size (short term or long term).

Additional equipment includes a heat pump priced at € 1,290 (this is not part of the standard equipment), a roof with solar cells for € 1,790 and the option to use charging of other devices using a car battery (V2L). This system costs 490 euros and is only available with the highest equipment package.

Fully equipped, it will be even more expensive than Tesla’s Model 3

Although these are only prices for the Austrian market, even in Slovenia they will not be significantly different. The more equipped ioniq 5 will become the most expensive Hyundai. Currently, for the new Santa Fe with the highest instrumentation package and most powerful engine, 54 thousandths must be deducted.

In terms of quality, the ioniq 5 is expected to be Tesla’s first serious electric competitor, but the retailers’ main task will then be to ensure that the Korean brand will be a “cool” and attractive enough choice compared to the aforementioned. Tesla. Only at the end of March this year, Slovenes bought or registered more than 90 of them.

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