Friday , May 14 2021

Google mourns Huawei's existing phone users: Find out why your worries are over

Just a few hours after the announcement that due to the US lawsuit interrupted all cooperation with Huawei, they sent a message from Google that would allow anyone who has or will still have access models of Huawei phones still peacefully asleep.

"We take all the requirements of US authorities into account, but at the same time ensure that services such as Google Play and the security provided by Google Play Protect continue to work on Huawei's existing devices," Google wrote on the Android operating system profile Twitter.

There are safe, and future models are ahead of many issues

This is completely different from the future models of this Chinese manufacturer, which will need to take an alternative approach, but it will be a serious obstacle (or at least a challenge) to their plans in the global smart phone market, where they managed to climb to another place in a relatively short time after the sale.

Google immediately interrupted any cooperation with Huawei with instant impact. What it means and what kind of options Huawei has at the moment, read this article.

Huawei's official response to Google's decision has not yet been made.


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