Monday , May 16 2022

Hamburg Harbor Test Site for 5G Technology


The Hamburg port, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have begun testing the technology of ultra-fast fifth-generation wireless networks, known as the 5G, in the real environment earlier this year. The current results are encouraging and point to the inherent potential of technology in designing new digital solutions for the industry.

According to Deutsche Telekom, three test cases were performed as part of the tests, which will take a total of two years to complete. The first, sensors are installed on the ships of the port branch company Flotte Hamburg, which provide real-time data on vessel movements in a wider area of ​​one of the major European ports and various data on the state of the environment in the region.

In the second study, a signal that directs all marine and ground traffic in the port area is connected to the remote management system, which allows operators more comprehensive and detailed control over vehicles and vehicles. This enables, inter alia, access to freight vehicles.

The new technology also allows access to a larger amount of data in a shorter time without connecting to existing networks. According to experts, engineers will be able to optimize construction plans in the near future with the help of 5G technology and 3D glasses.

One of the primary objectives of the tests is to gather evidence that requirements for mobile applications with different software requirements can work successfully on a single network. The mobile network operating in the port area during the test was distributed to various virtual networks, each of which supports specific requirements. The operation of each virtual network is constantly adapted to current needs, while all of them operate as a whole and as a result are highly capable.

Jens Meier's first owner is the new device that introduced 5G technology, the most likely solution to most of the industry's future challenges. "I am proud that Hamburg and its port are one of the first in the world to enjoy this technology," he said.

Responsible for the 5G technology at Deutsche Telekom, Aunt Williams, assessed the project, also supported by European funds, an excellent opportunity to develop the technology according to the needs of each customer. "The findings imported by the tests are not only useful for the future standardization of 5G, but also allow us to develop innovative new industry solutions," she added.

The benefits of 5G networks are also highlighted by Mark Rouanne, head of Nokia's mobile network. According to his estimates, the Hamburg port with its complexity is an excellent testing site.

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