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Initiate a decrease in half log


A modern lifestyle with poor eating habits and malnutrition increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This disease is harmless, but it is chronic and causes many complications. It represents a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, renal failure, blindness and loss of limbs.

For faster implementation of commitments

Diabetes sells only 50% of people. With the initiative "Let's reduce half", the Association of Diabetes Societies of Slovenia and the Society of Cardiovascular Health Health of Slovenia wants to link all governmental, non-governmental and Slovene authorities in Slovenia to fulfill the obligations of the National Program of Control of Diabetes. And which half should be reduced? A study by the International Diabetes Federation found that diabetes is recognized by only 50% of people with this disease. Of these, only 50% were treated, of which only 50% achieved treatment goals and only 50% achieved the desired results.

Alojz Rudolf, vice president of the Association of Diabetes Agencies of Slovenia, notes that there are more than 425 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the world. By 2045, this figure could climb to 629 million. In Slovenia, we have about 125,000 people with diabetes and many of them still do not know they have it. "We do not keep a record of patients, although we have been warning for many years, the disease can not be cured, so we can do the best by raising people's awareness of their condition, otherwise there may be complications."

She did not die for sugar

Diabetes is a major flaw in the modern, developed world, and the most common non-chronic disease, which is already nearly ten percent of the adult population, and the number of patients is growing rapidly. Two thirds of people with type 2 diabetes live in urban environments and are active, aged 20 to 64 years.

Due to diabetes, about 4.9 million people die every year, of which 60 percent are due to cardiovascular disease and their complications. "Sugar patients mainly do not die of sugar as such, but because of the complications that this disease causes.Type 2 diabetes patients die from a heart attack and often have complications with blood vessels on the legs and everything that follows.If we recognize the disease in time, we treat it and treat it , We can extend quality life for such people, "says Prim. Mathieu Cevc, President of the Society for Cardiovascular Health.

This year, the IDF published the results of a global survey on the awareness of people with type 2 diabetes on cardiovascular disease risk, and about 12,695 patients participated, showing that researchers assess the risk of cardiovascular disease in their disease. Physician about the factors behind this type of risk.

Let's get to know your risk

Dr. Aleš Skvarča, A diabetes doctor and an expert on internal medicine at UKC Ljubljana, explains that cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes occurs up to 15 years earlier than in others. In his opinion, it is inadmissible that half do not know about their disease. "Moreover, those who have diabetes confirmed diagnosis taking sugar in the blood as something not dangerous," says Skvarca.

Some take as many as nine or even 12 years before discovering that they have diabetes. But then the complications are obvious. Locating timely and timely treatment of the disease is essential. "In the early years of the disease, we lose miles so we can catch significant millimeters in the end," Squarka said.

The World Wide Web offers several useful tools for identifying the risk of type 2 diabetes. If we know our risk and check our health at the right time, we can escape serious complications that could endanger our lives and improve the results of treatment, the IDF recommends.

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