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Sonic Hazel

On Friday, Kiblix will present Klaus Philip with the appearance of Sonic Hazel. "By moving light bulbs, tone disks and light sensors on the table or by changing disks, we can quickly and intuitively manipulate sound compositions. The device has no internal components that can be hidden, everything goes in front of the visitors who thus witness the aspect aspect of extraordinary beauty," they wrote in the announcement. About the event. Photo: Received

Andrei Von

Also on Friday will be Andrei Von – Ulfmoz, who is "the current member or former member of the ensembles, such as Karst soloists, Samo Gromfun, Barca Tone and White Sealers, the Guardians and Grand Grenades." Photo: Received

In Maribor between November 14 and 17

November 14, 2018 at 17:17
Maribor – MMC RTV SLO

Sound performance Paradiso Petre Kapš nickname or poiesis and project Adjusting memory Researcher of vocal places Boštjana Perovka trees opens an international festival Kiblix, Dedicated to intermedia art.

The Kiblix Festival was founded in 2002 by the cultural and social society of has received as a holiday of open source information technologies. In recent times, it is usually associated with the International Festival of Computer Art (MFRU), which this year took place in October.

Along with the artistic, there is also an educational set
This year, Kiblix again brings workshops, lectures and art shows to Maribor. The event is divided into an artistic and educational series, which was prepared, inter alia, because "The direction of the formal education system is still one-way, too interdisciplinary, which remains closed in the narrow space of its scientific knowledge, increasingly disappearing paraffin wings in the global era"He said.

Therefore, they want to include young people from primary and secondary schools for students in education. This year, for example, they have prepared a chain experiment with Lego Mindstrom Under mentoring Саша Марковича And pirate radio workshops, reserved for him Simon Mikve.

On the second day of the festival they will be presented as part of the artistic part Stop the sponge in Marco Battista. The first will be carried out with the sounds of vibrations of the Slovenian forests, while the other will be performed with intermedia audio visual intervention Network lock.

Friday will be the last day for the artistic set, and it will bring performance with the technology of optosonic synthesizers, referred to Sonic Hazel, To be carried out by the Austrian Klaus Philip. Also on Friday will be a local instrumentalist or already a poly-instrumentalist Andrei Von, Known as Olfamoz.

The exact program of 17. Kiblix can be seen here.

In the educational structure, which lasts until Saturday, he will be an artist, among others Jože Slaček Presented his latest project DNA of art and immortality, Who attended the Interdisciplinary International Exhibition since the beginning of October Personally The portal received. This presentation will discuss a lecture Heterotropia – What is more personal than being with someone? Eat it!Where he will be Tomaz Grossovnik Lecture on Dietary Existentialism.

17. Kiblix will end on Saturday, when they will be delivered Franz Werbenz & Co. There were also multimedia workshops, programming and lighting.

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