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The Supervisory Board gave the program council an initiative for the early dismissal of RTV Slovenia's director general Igor Kedonk

The supervisory board adopted the decision on Wednesday

November 15, 2018 at 16:43,
Last intervention: November 15, 2018 at 17:04
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO

The Supervisory Board of RTV Slovenia gave the initiative to the RTV program council Slovenia on the early dismissal of CEO Igor Kadunc, among other things, because of the illegal deal.

Among the reasons for the early dismissal of the director, the first supervisory board noted the illegality of employment, "Since the employment contracts were terminated without a public announcement of a vacant position, or employment contracts were determined beyond the provisions of internal acts " They noted in the decision.

According to unofficial information, the proposal for the exemption of Kadunč from eight members of the Supervisory Board was supported by eight members. They also accused Kedunka of reporting too late about the involvement of one of the theaters with RTV, the STA reported.

The Supervisory Board also criticizes the Director of violations of proper conduct when he fails to inform the Director of the circumstances of a conflict of interest, although this should be done and failure to implement decisions of certain Board of depositors.

The final decision on the fate of the Director General of Radioetelevision Slovenia is in the hands of the Board of the program, which is scheduled for two scheduled meetings until the end of the year: November and December. When will the proposal of supervisors appear on the agenda, it is still not known, but more likely it will be in December. President of the Program Council Kirill Bashkowitz He did not want to comment on the proposal and left the explanation to the President of the Supervisory Board Andrew Graham.

The director reported to the CCP
At a meeting on October 1, the RTV program board learned about a report by the director general of the anti-corruption commission, and by 16 votes in favor and no one, decided to handle the matter and decide on it when the findings of the CCP and the Ministry of Culture.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Grah Whatmough, explained at a meeting that CCP monitors reported "Suspicion of insufficient injury to a conflict of interests"Due to Kadunk's alleged involvement in a tender by independent film producers, whose results were published in the spring, and after the results of the conversation were published, Kadonetz intended to influence the change in the decision, in favor of the Arsmedia production company, which was not selected in the tender and during this appeal, Kadunc allegedly sent several electronic letters to some RTV employees , Which is responsible for the auction.

Kadunc repeatedly denied complaints. Notwithstanding his words, according to the functions and powers of the Director General, he is still responsible for the operation of RTV. Arsamdi's appeal seemed important to him, so he wanted to know its contents, but he did not begin the process, he claimed.

NS refers to the failure to implement its conclusions
In a proposal for dismissal, RTV's Supervisory Board refers to the fourth trimester of Article 48 of the Constitution, which otherwise determines the termination of the Director General's term before the expiration of the Mandate and states:If it does not comply with the law and the Constitution in its work, it does not implement or act against the decisions of the RTV Supervisory Board and Slovenia."

The Supervisory Board is composed of Andrei Gerah Ma, Alexandre Alexander Eigler, Stana Frumoz, Metz, Rakovek, Jensen, Edz, Metz, Medved, Irena Ostrowska, Petra Meyer, Marco Crane, Lucía Valencić and Vosna Zaderbeck.

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