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The band members also appeared in a new dress, which caught Adria lace in red thread. Designers Yana Marshnik and her design leader and a member of the Orsha Sigler group took care of the new look. Photo: Sasho Hoz Yak

The creative leadership of the group consists of Andres Slaken, Nestia Woodnick, Anna Meretz, Kristen Wirtitz and Matya McKenzie. Photo: Sasho Hoz Yak

Dalaga and Iglanda and Miranda Romino were also seen among the crowd. Photo: Sasho Hoss Ann

From green melodies to current hits

November 18, 2018 at 11:42
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO

On Saturday, the Perpetum Chamber Orchestra Azila returned to the greatest musical stage in Slovenia and before the local audience, where they introduced themselves to Arno Stoos with a concert of La Selena.

In more than two hours, the 44-member band, which for the past 15 years, in addition to local couples, has also won the foreign stage, has given the program a gift for the Slovenian musical creation. With a concert event Only a Slovenian Perpetuum Jazzile, for the first time in its 35 year history, focused exclusively on Slovenian authors and creators. Throughout the evening, they went with the audience from green melodies to the best bands that make up the local music charts of the day. The group's wish was to cherish the loyal audience, the local audience, as well as colleagues, writers and performers who, with their work, enrich the Slovenian musical space.

The concert opened the opening song Slovenia, Artzi author Jolie Golova And the executive Ota Pastner. The song followed him Your world, Which was originally written and published Nina Pushler. The program continued with the track Good day, Chaim, Who wrote the music Rock Golub, And the text dies Tone Pavček. Spata A summer night, A person Shepherd, Which Perpetuum Jazzile also released a video from a month ago, and Just a more bitter smile A large Jožeta Privška They removed the insight into the depth of the Slovenian musical creation.

The transition from green to human shades followed by a legendary one It rises from the heights author Aleš Klinarja And builders The Kraslin government with the little gods, whistle, City of Dreams in A good villa Groups Taboo. After a short break, the band returned to the stage with urban rhythms, starting from B Groups Siddharte, Route A strange night over the sleeping place And quickly It's a good day, Which originally Song Anya Rufel. The official part of the program ended with songs She will be mine, A person Come Come in Only a million of us, An adaptation that the band presented last year at the show A spectacular sight.

At the request of the audience, serenaded the concert with loud applause, a band of 44 friends with a known collage of the band's timeless hits Absinski He returned to the stage. In the letter, they waved an agreement Have the most beautiful songs been written? Groups danger.

Photo by: Sasho Hoz Yak

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