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With the expected introduction of the new smartphone series, the new focus is shifting to apps that will be available for them. Let’s take a look at how Huawei has upgraded its app list in recent months to meet user needs.

Although the average user has never used more than 100 applications, many even much less, their choice and accessibility are essential features of the user experience. Most of them of course want basic apps like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder,, Telegram and Zoom, so the phones of the new series are already pre-charged or available in the AppGallery store or available through the petals search. Engine, which allows you to download applications to all smartphones with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Downloading and installing using the latter is secure, as it promises to download the application directly from the developer site, thus ensuring security and authenticity. Netflix, Prime Video and LinkedIn are also available on Nova series smartphones using the Petal search engine.

An increase in the number of banking applications
Users have different needs, as applications are essential for accessing news, providing navigation, enabling financial transactions, monitoring health and well-being and our connection to useful digital services. Users of the Nova series smartphones will find that they have access to thousands of apps from different categories. Take finance for example. AppGallery publishes many popular financial applications from banks and financial companies from Central and Southern Europe. Users in Slovenia, Poland, Slovenia or Serbia will wait in the store to download the ready-made app with a well-known logo to provide them with convenient banking and payment services – all major banking and financial applications are here: NLB Klikin, NKBM mBank @ net, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Mobile, Sparkasse m. Stik, mSberbank, mDBS, m LON,, Valu …

Although Huawei builds important alliances with global developers, it is aware of the importance of partnerships in local environments, so it offers free promotions, coupons and gifts along with local companies.

Popular apps at your fingertips
We use digital services all the time, but the last year and a half have gained popularity. How else can we get food and other requirements safely when access to restaurants and shops was limited. Future users of the Nova series smartphones will find on them the global applications of Bolt Food and Globe, as well as a bunch of other applications from the world of digital services. Bolt’s lead app and Deezer and Tidal streaming music services are just three examples of quality services at great prices.

Smartphones have become the main guiding device, and although some well-known navigation apps are available in the AppGallery, the new Huawei series phones include the Petal Maps app. A visually rich and efficient tool, in addition to navigation, provides information on traffic and public transportation. There are many other alternatives to Google applications, such as a browser with a seamless and seamless user experience, a Huawei Assistant digital assistant and Huawei cloud storage for secure storage of photos, videos, contacts and notes. Plus, you will find a great email client.

Less and less supply gaps
In recent years, Huawei has been working closely with developers to introduce new and improved applications that meet each user’s needs. Because key categories like finance, navigation and mobile gaming have required a lot of effort and time in delivering global and local content, Huawei has recently been having a hard time filling in gaps in others. New ones are being added to the AppGallery store all the time, but more than 140,000 applications with integrated HMS services are already available. In addition to a huge list of applications that can be easily found using the Petal search engine.

The availability of Huawei smartphone apps has progressed very quickly in a short time, so buyers of the new series devices will find that they have access to a content treasure that is really waiting to be downloaded.

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